Stuart Law leaves Lancashire

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Stuart Law likes a drink himself - not gin thoughStuart Law’s contract has not been renewed. Partly because he’s associated with the ICL, partly because he called Lancashire’s members gin-swilling know-nothings, but mostly because he’s 40 this week.

The gin outburst came when Lancashire decided to do away with Dominic Cork and we always suspected that it was as much to do with seeing the writing on the wall as any intrinsic admiration for the endearingly irritating former England all-rounder.

How do we feel about this as a Lancashire supporter? Indifferent really. Stuart Law’s one of the great batsmen of his generation, but a few weeks ago we used him as a symbol of something that’s wrong with Lancashire’s batting line-up.

He’s been good for Lancashire, but they were only the latest of a number of sides he’s played for, so we’ve no sense of loyalty. It doesn’t feel like an old, great Lancashire player’s being dispatched without fanfare, because Law made his reputation long before he arrived at Old Trafford.

It’ll be good for the county, although we’ll be quite interested to see how they manage to rustle up enough batsmen. We don’t know of any who are really clamouring for inclusion.

No, wait. We’ve got that all wrong. Batsmen don’t clamour for inclusion – they knock on the door. This is why we’ll never make it big in cricketing circles. We just can’t master the language.


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  1. king crickets real name is alex? how disappointing, i was hoping his real name was something like Bartholomeu Bottomsley

  2. Don’t be fooled by that gentle sounding name Alex.Behind that genteel name hides a very competitive and superb squash player who does not take prisioners.
    I like the name Bartholomew Al !!!

  3. The Alex part of his name is actually “Alex”, as in Bartholomeu “Alex” Bottomsley.

    Well done an guessing his real name by the way….

  4. Nice one Ceci. Stirling effort. I wonder how long it will take before we’re arrested for copyright violation….

    Let’s see if anyone else will join us as this post faces the oblivion that is non-frontpage status

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