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Bravo, Darren Bravo, bravo

There’s a danger of being too bloody sneering about high scores these days. We know we’re as guilty of this as anyone. It’s all too easy to blame the pitch, as if the humans standing on top of it play no part.

The Windies have batted like spanners for years, so it’s encouraging to see them keep India in the field for two full days of Test cricket, no matter what the conditions. Darren Bravo, in particular, has seemed pleasingly averse to shit-shot-seppuku and a few others, such as Kirk Edwards, have followed his lead. It’s all well and good playing with ‘Caribbean flair’, but quite often it’s actually a lot smarter to keep the ball on the deck.

West Indies cricket is fractious enough that this will probably all unravel in an acrimonious contract dispute, but for now there’s just a little bit of solidity about this team and we welcome it.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. If this innings proves anything it’s that Shivnaraine Chanderpaul just holds the rest of them back.

  2. You’re not seriously suggesting that Darren Bravo is better than Tendulkar, are you, KC?

    Do you ever stop writing and actually watch cricket for a while?

    Tendulkar has scored 99 international tons. Are you aware of that fact?

    Come back and talk about Bravo when he has scored even 90 international hundreds…

    1. Someone presented the list to them, and it was so utterly convincing they immediately felt under pressure to keep their places. There is literally no other conceivable explanation.

  3. anyone else think gayle coming back would not help this team at all? I mean sure, gayle will do his thing every now and then but somehow I feel it’d be a blow to the “teamness” of this team. for the first time in a while they give the feeling of being together and willing to apply themselves as a team.

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