When should we start thinking about the World T20?

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Apparently things don’t ‘hove into view’. They actually heave into view – it’s just that no-one says that. One thing’s for certain though, things that demand this verb are large and cumbersome. A cat never heaves into a view, for example (although it may well heave while in view, if it’s eaten something disagreeable).

The World T20 is currently heaving/hoving/heave-hoing into view. It will be played in India, but if you’re looking for signs of how it might pan out, all you currently have to go off are one-day internationals in New Zealand and South Africa.

Wrong format, wrong place, but some of the right teams. There are probably too many variables to draw any meaningful conclusions.

Nevertheless, it was striking that Australia have instantly reverted to losing after spending their entire home summer winning. This one-day series against the Kiwis also serves as their warm-up for the Tests, which seems like the kind of scheduling which demands punishment in a shrill, hectoring voice.

England are of course playing South Africa at this very moment. At the time of writing, a Jason Roy cameo had removed the slips, allowing Alex Hales to spank outside off with impunity. It’s possible that a sizeable total is heaving into view.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I’m thinking about the world T20 right now, thanks to you and this article.

    Anyway, England need another 38 runs from 21 balls with 4 wickets left to break their record for scoring in an ODI (408). And the fact that this is not unreasonable is all the fault of T20.

    1. There seems to be an air of disappointment that the 400 barrier wasn’t clambered over, but there’s something quite satisfying about a score of 399/9.

      The problem with massive scores in the first innings of an ODI, though, is that the second innings tends to either be a damb squib of a failed chase, or an equally dull succession of high-scoring overs (which admittedly could lead to a potentially thrilling denouement).

  2. Didn’t we start thinking about the next World T20 the day that England went home from the last World T20?

    Just in case any of you have forgotten, that day was 31 March 2014, the day that England were whipped by the Netherlands.

    England had already been knocked out by the Saffers a couple of days before, I believe.

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