Where are we up to with ‘the draft proposal’?

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We ask that not even knowing whether it’s still a draft or not? When does a draft proposal become an official proposal? When they actually come to vote on it? Presumably that’ll only happen once everything’s been thrashed out, in which case official proposal status will be a transient and meaningless state.

Whatever it is, where are we? Our answer is: don’t know.

There have been all sorts of changes in the last few days as the various pedlars, wide boys and shysters tweak things in order to get enough people onside. We’ve heard about a few of these changes, but there is sure to be plenty more going on that we don’t know about.

The upshot is that the future of the sport hinges on a vote on proposals the exact nature of which are unknown to us. Being as the whole thing’s entirely out of our hands anyway, we suppose that doesn’t especially matter in any practical sense.

In other news, Bangladesh got battered by Sri Lanka. You probably saw. Shakib al Hasan was hoping it would be a spicy pitch. Sri Lanka scored 730-6.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Everything that these people say makes far more sense if you remove that unnecessary “r” from their description of the proposal.

    1. a little late in India. was wondering what a ‘poposal’ meant – sounded funny anyway. Daft.

  2. Looks like they’ve managed to bribe Bangladesh and the West Indies, so the game’s looking done for.

  3. I think the draft proposal was always the official proposal. This week is just that awkward week where THE BIG THREE have to pull out fingernails and crush a few testicles. Expect the other boards to come blinking into the light in a few days time wholeheartedly backing the plans.

  4. This story is not being reported right. Someone needs to do a bullet-point guide for idiots (like me) as to what’s actually being proposed.

    1. * Revenue redistribution: How CA, ECB, BCCI can make more money.
      * Changes to FTP: How Aus, Eng, and India can play each other more often so CA, ECB, BCCI can make more money.
      * Bangladesh is still a test nation. No one knows why, and they are going to keep it that way.
      * Non-full members would be bigger? : Something about penis length, apparently.

    2. Just think of it like Dragons Den. The ECB, BCCI and CA are sitting in chairs with everyones money.

      They pretend they aren’t chummy, but in reality they are having private parties every night. None of the other poor folk are invited, but neither does this make the news – Duncan Bannantyne drinking with Deborah Meaden is boring, the papers and general public want to see him drinking with Ricky Hatton or a Page 3 girl.

      The other countries need to come up with ideas to feed themselves, which the other three will largely only agree to if it benefits them. Sometimes, they might do some grand charity gesture where they help one of the little people, like Bermuda or Afghanistan, but it will be done with a fanfare that says “You have only made some money because we made it so”.

      I think I managed to stretch that to the limit. I thought about bailing out half way through, but couldn’t be bothered to delete it all

    3. Both Deep Cower and Steve have a handle on the situation. Unfortunately.
      I suspect that the end result will be that the ‘Big Three’ will more effectively be able to arrange tour schedules so they remain at the top of the rankings table. If these guidelines were in place today South Africa would not be number 1.

    1. bloody everybody out, isn’t it? how would one know where the bathwater stops and the baby begins?!

    2. Come as a bit of a shock. Assumed all the conjecture was just journalists needing something to write. Never thought Flower would actually go.

      Hmm…Giles then?

    3. oh riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

      see what you mean now. didn’t realise he was actually gone.


  5. But anyway, we’re all dancing round the subject. I think we know who the right man for the job is. What has England lacked this winter? It’s not skillsets, they have all the skillsets they could possibly need. No, it’s been the ability to execute those skillsets. So we need a man, the man, who has a proven track record of executing skillsets, someone whose skillset execution skillsets are second to none.

    1. We need someone who has the weight to do the job. Someone with the Key to success. Someone who can Rob other teams of victory. It simply Kent be anybody else.

  6. see, i laughed at that, but then thought better of it. i mean, for fuck sake – don’t joke, it might actually happen. things can always still get worse than they already are.

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