Who is Andy McBrine?

He’s kind of like a McBride, but saltier. With all of one first-class match and three one-day internationals to his name before today, he delivered the stupid figures of 0-26 off 10 overs against the West Indies – this in a match in which Ireland chased down 305 inside 46 overs.

We’d recently been thinking that the main problem with the Cricket World Cup is that there are always eight teams with a much better chance of progressing to the quarter finals than any others. No matter how you organise what precedes that stage of the competition, there will always be something of a tension shortfall.

But then there’s Ireland. You need 300 chasing in a World Cup and they’re your guys.

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27 Appeals

  1. 41 dots! 41 fucking dot balls out of 60! Not a single wide, not a single no-ball. McBrine looks at the bowling crease and doesn’t go “I will destroy you” – no, no, he goes “I respect the fact that someone has taken the trouble to draw you and I promise not to step on you”. McBrine conceded two fours in his very first over and then told himself that it’s not a good idea to let Gayle score. So he finished his first spell with 5-1-12-0. He is someone who takes a solid decision and sticks with it. McBrine.

    • King Cricket

      February 16, 2015 at 10:56 am

      He is a man who’s heard of conceding three an over, but thought to himself ‘why risk it?’


    • Indeed, Deep Cower.

      And I don’t mind admitting thinking that his selection might have been a mistake.

      In fact, I said to Daisy, after that first McBrine over, “interesting decision to select this kid on this track against this team. The Windies haven’t even selected Sulieman Benn for this match. One side seems to know something the other side doesn’t…”

      “Who is the Ireland coach?” asked Daisy.

      “Phil Simmons”, I replied.

      “West Indian”, said Daisy. “My guess is that Ireland have called this right and the Windies have called it wrong.”

  2. He’s like James Tredwell, except he actually gets selected.

    • The colour has been described to me ‘pubescent’

    • Certainly that colour featured on a shell suit I owned when I was about 11 years old. Maybe a more accurate description would be ‘pre-pubescent’.

    • Shell suit when you were eleven. You’re at it again, showing off about your youth.

    • I found a wrinkle in my forehead the other day. The horror.

    • King Cricket

      February 16, 2015 at 1:39 pm

      What concerns us is that we also had a shell suit around that age and we believe we are a fair bit older than Sam.

      Shell suits, as we recall, weren’t in fashion for all that long and it seems safe to assume that we were behind the curve…

    • “We all wake up and we go “Oh, I ache, I’m not 18 any more, you know, I’m thirty ni- you know, I’m in my thirties, I’m not-“, but so what, at least I’ve got my health.”


    • Jimmy Savile wore shell suits. And David Icke. That is, David Icke wore shell suits, not Jimmy Savile wore David Icke. David Icke’s ones were turquoise, for some reason or other. He thought that the world was run by lizards. And Elton John. That is, Elton John wears shell suits, although coincidentally he also runs the world as head of a council of lizards.

    • Ben Elton John Lewis Gregory Peck

  3. Certainly, there was a sense that the WI weren’t even McTryin’.

    (dodges tomatoes)

  4. Shell suits, as I remember, were in fashion for decades. Mind you, I’m from Birkenhead so possibly that’s not representative of the country as a whole.

  5. It’s all about Leicestershire.

    Niall O’Brien wins.
    Little and Large Judases James Taylor and Stuart Broad lose.

    I expect to see a Rob Taylor inspired Scotland romp to victory.

  6. Who isn’t Andy McBrine?

  7. Vettori

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