Why Rob Key is the man

A million you say? Meh

Some of you are doubtless under the impression that we like Rob Key because he’s a ruddy-faced barrel of a man, but that’s not why at all. That’s just a bonus.

The real reason why we like Rob Key is because we think he’s a fantastic batsman. One of his biggest strengths is a real, genuine sense of perspective. Steve Waugh once said of him: “He doesn’t give a shit about much”.

Waugh meant this as a compliment, going on to say that it meant he wouldn’t get overawed by anything, which is invaluable in top-level sport.

Rob pretty much just likes playing cricket and doesn’t really worry about things that are out of his hands. He was asked about qualifying for the multi-million pound Twenty20 Champions’ League. Kent’s appearance is in doubt due to their fielding ICL players during the Twenty20 Cup.

Here’s his answer: “How do I feel about qualifying? I’m not too bothered.”

Update: He also said about the Champions’ League: “Until I get some plane tickets and they say this is it, I could not care.”

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14 Appeals

  1. Sarah, Canterbury

    July 28, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    I think I’m just a little bit in love with you, KC, for liking Rob and indeed No Pants so much.

    Joe needs a little more consistency in the longer form but there isn’t a better opening English partnership in limited overs cricket in my opinion* Long may the England selectors continue to ignore them!

    *I may possibly be slightly biased

    ps Rob is a fab pundit / commentator on Sky too!

  2. My GF noticed Rob Key on TV and said she thought he looked like a farmers son, Im a Middlesex boy born and bred in a London Borough, i dont see many farmers and see even less of their sons, can anyone confirm that Rob Key looks like a farmers son? She also said the same about the lead singer from Keane, is it a seperated at birth thing? can anyone post a picture of both?

  3. King Cricket

    July 28, 2008 at 4:08 pm

    The lead singer of Keane looks like a smoking-jacket-wearing, port-swilling blue blood.

    Rob Key looks like a genial adonis who’d always get his round in.

  4. If anyone was thinking of doing a bit of amusing image editing for Soviet Onion; DO NOT – repeat – DO NOT search for “farmer’s son” on Google images with ‘safe search’ turned off.

    Just don’t.

  5. Sarah, Canterbury

    July 28, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    *fights googling urge*

  6. All I can say after googling what I shouldn’t have googled (thank you Ed) is that I’m glad KC said Pink Bobby looked like “a genial adonis” and not Jason Adonis. Otherwise I might be a bit suspicious as to KC’s cinematic tastes

  7. I misread ‘genial adonis’ as ‘genital adonis’, which probably had the same crippling psychological effect as mis-googling ‘farmer’s son’ would have.

  8. I am never taking safe search off of my google images again. Why is it that when someone says dont people always do.

    But i do see a similarity in the two, they are both ruddy cheeked. Though as i am aware what a farmers son looks like, i can confirm my Gf is wrong and neither of them look like that.

  9. I’m a country bumpkin and can confirm that Rob Key does indeed have the air of someone at home in wellies. Wonder if he does his cricket trousers up with bailer twine?

  10. In other, unrelated, news some bloke on the wireless this morning reported that Andre Nel has a little man inside him! Apparently his name is Gunta and he’s a slightly mad German mountain man.

    At least he didn’t say his name was Jason Adonis. Good old A. Nel.

  11. King Cricket

    July 29, 2008 at 9:28 am

    That’s Andre’s on-field alter ego.

    We’ve some even better Andre Nel news though. Come back later.

  12. Tha’s all fine, but why hasn’t he been playing for England? I’ve been wondering for at least a couple of years now…since they’ve begun showing English domestic cricket on TV here in India.

  13. King Cricket

    July 29, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    He’s generally been very, very solid without being exceptional and there seems to be a very orderly queue for batting spots, unlike bowling spots.

    He may yet return.

  14. Well I misread ‘Rob is a fab pundit’ as ‘Rob is a fat pundit’. I’d heard repeatedly this year that he had lost loads of weight, but going by that photo he looks as portly as ever – at least in his chubby-cheeked face

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