More Andre Nel depravity

What is it with Andre Nel and this sort of quote? If he’s not saying it himself, someone else is saying it about him.

South Africa coach, Mickey Arthur, said: “Any time Andre plays for South Africa he’s fired up. I can’t wait to see him bowl hard.”

It doesn’t bear thinking about – and you most definitely shouldn’t conjur up the mental image.

As a form of discouragement, we should probably offer some sort of prize to anyone who doesn’t use the phrase ‘rhythmically swaying with each step’ in their comment. But it’s kind of pointless being as we’ve already written the unthinkable in suggesting that preventive measure.

At least we’ve saved ‘proud member of the South African team’ for you to use… Oh.

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23 Appeals

  1. I suppose it doesn’t help matters that Nella is a quickie, a penetrative bowler and liable to be in your face.


  2. Ceci,

    you meant his verbal ejaculations? after release?

  3. Nel’d be a far better bowler if he pitched it up and let it swing. He’s far too fond of using his short one to tickle up the batsmen.

  4. Ah yes – Nel – a fine up-standing example of South African sportsmanship, I can’t wait too see him bowl hard either! Long overdue – he should have been on display at Lords!

  5. Gaah, I love this kind of thing, but I’ve got nothing.

  6. So it sounds like Mickey Arthur likes it hard and fast. Isn’t that the exact opposite of Kallis?

  7. Mickey Arthur is so bloody A.nel about having hard fast bowlers. Make no bones about it, I think he should just pick guys that can place it on a length.

  8. Who makes way for him? From a winning team?

    Ntini? (potential candidate before the last innings) Morkel? (potential candidate before this series)
    Or, Kallis? Will be pretty radical any which way you look at it.

    Certainly can’t be Steyn unless injuries are in the way of the men mentioned. Looks like Nel will have to bench this one out as well.

  9. Doesn’t ‘Synth Boy’ have a broken thumb – care of Anderson?

  10. King Cricket

    July 29, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    That comment came out with some weird characters, SixSixEight. We’ve tried to correct them. Sorry if we’ve got it wrong.

  11. I’m looking forward to seeing Andre putting the England batsmen to the pork sword.

  12. That’s it KC! Surrounded by weird characters – especially on this site for some reason?
    Looks like it happens frequently – not sure why?

    Just put the salami away Gaz!

  13. SixSixEight: That’s what happens when you have the beast living next door – dodgy characters on cricket blogs…..well, that and awful real estate prices.

  14. The weird characters are caused by an encoding type problem; I suspect 668’s browser is set to the wrong one (for this site it should be UTF-8). If you’re using IE, 668, try pressing alt, then going View > Encoding and making sure “auto-select” is checked.

    If you’re using a different browser, I dunno, maybe sacrifice a chicken or something.

  15. Is this proud member of the South Africa team also upstanding, do you think?

  16. I hope Gunther pops out and says hello.

  17. Innuendo, FILTH, pragmatic technical support on coding – all this topic lacks is an indifferent cat…

  18. King Cricket

    July 30, 2008 at 9:33 am

    Is that indifference or is the cat merely oblivious? It looks to be too young to read. Perhaps its seating position is an error.

  19. Can Dale Steyn come back please?

  20. Ah – Gunther is going at it, good and hard!

  21. Gunther certainly put in the hard inches today.

  22. King Cricket

    July 30, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    Comment gold all round.

    Or should we say ‘comment wood’?

  23. It’s clear that Vaughan was unhappy when Gunter put it in his corridor of uncertainty.

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