Andre Nel has a request

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Flex your typing fingers. Get them good and supple. You have quite simply GOT to have some comments about this quote from Andre Nel:

“When the fans go hard and abuse you, I love that.”

That’s a direct quote from a BBC interview. Apparently he said it ‘with a glint in his eye’.


  1. His rage and madness is understandable though – he is a qualified accountant.

    Does a large purple hat and nipple tassels qualify as abuse?

    Haven’t really got into saffer-abuse mode yet. Roll on next Thursday

  2. SixSixEight.

    You are a sick sick monkey. There are specialist corners of the internet for people like you.

  3. I thought Twenty20 was bad enough, but if they’re going to introduce that sort of thing to broaden the popularity of cricket, I think I shall find another sport to follow.

  4. That would make you a woman then Jrod – which makes your passion for nice Bryce and dirty Dirk much more fun

  5. But can he swing them in opposite directions at once? I once met a girl who could…

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