Zimbabwe beating India again – how do we feel about that?

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We'll compromise and go straight on - or stay where we are

We know you don’t like it when we don’t have an opinion on something. It’s not that we’re fence-sitting, it’s that in reality we don’t have all that many opinions.

We wander through life indecisive and directionless and we’ve done that since before we went to school. Opinions occasionally find us and those ones usually stick around. When we have to force out an opinion manually – like what we want to be when we grow up, for example – it’s really nothing more than an act.

Sometimes on this website we’re obliged to take up an official editorial stance. It takes it out of us. Sometimes we’ve just nothing inside on which to draw. Zimbabwe beat India in a 50-over match for the second game running today. How do we feel about that?

We want India to win Tests and we want them to lose Twenty20s. We’re sure about that. What about 50-over matches? Are Zimbabwe plucky underdogs, or are they, you know, Zimbabwe?

We’re led to believe that many people form opinions through reading and thinking about stuff, but it’s never helped us.

We’re going to the pub for lunch tomorrow. There’s absolutely no chance we’ll be able to decide what to eat. Any suggestions?


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. If you’re eating in the South Manchester area, you can guarantee whatever you get will have too much rocket on the side.

  2. Well, since tomorrow is Friday, I’d recommend trying to order a sunday lunch. Places like it when you do that. Especially if they have some sort of board somewhere advertising it which you can point at angrily when they try and tell you that you can only have have sunday lunch on a sunday.

    Failing that, liquid lunches always go well with cricket.

  3. Jacket potato is what you’re forced to eat for tea on a Tuesday when no-one in the house can be bothered cooking properly.

  4. We all need to know what you had?
    I just went to the pub for lunch. I had a chicken bang-bang salad (I kid thee not, we eat funny stuff in NW7) and a pint of Italian larger.

  5. Many pubs do a decent burger these days, although they may charge upwards of 7 quid for it.

  6. Had the burger last week and it was good and rare and had some unusual but tasty sauce on it.

    This week, we went for a ham, cheese and mushroom panino.

    Not very exciting, but think it was probably the right choice because we didn’t find ourself coveting others’ selections.

  7. I’m sure you are breaking a fair smattering of Old Testament rules when you abstain from coveting your neighbours lunch when *your* lunch is a ham and cheese anything.

    Did lightening suddenly strike anywhere in the vicinity, perchance?

  8. Of course not, that’s ridiculous.

    Although there was a swam of locusts, hail mixed with fire and our glass of water did turn to blood.

  9. India needs to get serious and stop messing around. This has been a crap year for indian cricket and could get worse if they don’t put in the effort.

  10. Why mention India in a thread about pub lunches?

    Are you certain that is was blood and not a robust red wine, did you taste it?

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