Aggression, aggressive batting and viral-induced half-arsedness

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We appear to have been struck down by lack-of-altitude sickness or summat, so here’s a perfunctory ticking-the-boxes, phoning-it-in update linking to something we wrote for someone else.

Aggression and aggressive batting – we covered it here on King Cricket fairly comprehensively, but yet still felt moved to write something for Cricinfo. This is that thing.

If you really want to entertain yourselves, why not try adding some Cricinfo-style missing-the-point comments below because the ones on that article are disappointingly sensible. The best effort will earn a weary ‘heh’ from us. It’ll seem sarcastic, but it isn’t. It’s just tired and lifeless.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. ‘Comments have now been closed for this article’; presumably ever since you posted this declaration for open season

  2. OMG King Crickets u slag off Sachin he is God and Sehwag and Dravid and MS u English boys get ur asses whipped India 4 World Cup

  3. Pietersen was manifestly NOT disinterested when in the field for England. He might have been or appeared to be uninterested – Paul Downton surely meant uninterested when he described Pietersen as disinterested.

    Should someone who doesn’t know the difference between the words disinterested and uninterested (or possibly even worse, someone who does know the difference but cannot be bothered to articulate his thoughts accurately) be running the ECB?

    1. Downton actually meant disinfected. KP has a new brand of bleach he’d been trying out on all the toilets he’s visited this year. As a result smelt of toilet cleaner with just a gentle hint of lemon scent.

    2. Such is the state of match fixing in ODI cricket that Pietersen was indeed dropped for being disinterested.

  4. And just because he has been disinfected doesn’t mean he is uninfected.

    My pedant side says there is a second meaning of disinterested basically meaning uninterested bit i’m not sure Downton knows that.

    Is it too late to enter a 2nd England team with Hales, KP, Stokes, Billings, Trott, Plunkett, Tredwell, Vince and all the other guys in form?

    As a plug for Statsguru go check out Bopara’s exciting strike rates in his last 30 games

  5. I’m not going to add any Cricinfo type comments because Bert always wins. He cheats too, which makes it worse

  6. KC, cross posting here is very useful, thank you! I rarely ever get to finding your writing on Cricinfo. In fact, since they changed the home page, I rarely ever get to finding anything.

  7. The altitude thing is trending.

    While failing to find the thing I was looking for on Cricinfo (a regular occurence these days) I stumbled across this:

    I think the Cricinfo makeover is akin to the supermarket scattering/hiding the everyday products around the store in the hope that you’ll buy other stuff while you wander around discombubulatedly. Me, I just tend to avoid such places after a while.

    1. BTW, prior to the Tibet v England piece, or certainly a few years ago in any case, I believe KC published this picture of mine, from Rumtek monastery in Sikkim, in his series of cricket bats in unusual places:

      A mere 1500 meters this one, but a rare sighting of a member of the Karma Kagyu sect at cricket. Yellow hats playing cricket (e.g. the Rizong Monastery picture above) are ten-a-penny.

    2. Clearly your monk is a test No.3 in the making, Ged. That bright smile and the high elbow, supple bottom hand that might throw off a bowler, unfazed on an uncovered pitch….unlike the cricinfo T20 monk who is just clearing his front leg for a hoick.

  8. Whinging Poms, don’t cry because Big Davey Warner gonna whoop you. We just play “hard cricket”, and obviously that extends to slagging people off in the field. Or can your tiny British minds not make the leap? Onya Dave!

  9. If off field aggression so important why no CCTV camera in Trent Bridge corridor or Birmingham Walkabout? Double standards cos cameras everywhere on field and you English go on about DRS. DRS not 100% accurate. Fact.

    English journalists cover up for English players aggression. Jadeja totally innocent, Anderson totally gulity. Fact. Period.

  10. Oh King, you need to get out of England in February and go south. This cures altitude, attitude and lassitude.
    It will made you interested and banish disinterest too.

    1. Well, that is indeed the problem. We were indeed higher and further south, but at some point you have to come home.

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