Amjad Khan of Kent, Denmark and now England

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The 'other' Amjad Khan, who definitely warrants a pictureThere haven’t been a great many Danish cricketers. We’re not sure Amjad Khan’s exactly a great – but by Danish standards he can’t be far off.

Amjad Khan’s what we’d deem a solid practitioner, which smacks of faint praise, but isn’t meant to. It’s actually more an acknowledgement that England have called up a bowler who’s sustained a certain level of quality rather than a young scamp who’s the latest flavour of the month.

Is he Test standard? Not sure and that’s not important. What’s important is that he’s Danish.

Danish cricket facts… go!


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  1. Did Amjad Khan happen to mention that his Princess is Tasmanian, hence would be on a first name basis with Boony, Ponting, Forster and Nesta Quin.

  2. Danish cricket facts: I think they’ve had a couple of county cricketers over the years. Not just those of Pakistani extraction either – there are Andersens and such who play for the national team.

    They played Australia at the end of Australia’s 1989 Ashes tour and didn’t get humiliated. Not sure how seriously the Aussies took the game though.

    They seem to have declined somewhat over the last few decades – they used to be regularly good competitors at the ICC Trophy. If they’d had bloated 16-team World Cups back then, they would have made them.

  3. This photo of Amjad Khan reminds me Of Amjad Khan ,a Bollywood actor of 70’s and 80’s.Likeness is amazing.
    Not related are they??

  4. King – there is a legendary Derbyshire-Danish player who coaches Germany now (cricket, we’re talking). Ole Mortensen took over 400 first-class wickets bowling angrily and fast.

    He was also a tax inspector.

    It is not just the West Indies of the 1970s and 80s that have a factory churning out great fast bowlers, it also Denmark. See:

  5. There’s Hans Christian Andersen’s cricket stories too – Timbelina the Tiny Wicket keeper, The Wild Swanns and of course the Little Morkelmaid

  6. Back from Holidays, and will top Moses little Bryce fact, with the fact that Denmark is so bad that Bryce batted top order and made a 50. Which he was really proud of.

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