3 unanswered questions about Stevo Day as Darren Stevens leaves Kent

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It was Stevo Day at Canterbury yesterday in honour of county legend, Darren Stevens, who is leaving Kent at the end of the season, even though he’s only 46 and in the prime of his life (or at the very least prime adjacent). We have some questions about this possibly momentous occasion.

1. What was Stevo Day?

A pretty basic question this, but we’re still not 100 per cent sure what it actually was. We see Stephenson College in Durham have a Stevo Day and that’s pretty clear-cut. It’s an “annual college day to celebrate the end of the year and the exam season” and they have bands, food and drink. There’s a theme each year and people dress up. This year’s theme was ‘Wonderland’.

In contrast, Kent’s Stevo Day was a bit opaque. It was to celebrate Darren Stevens, obviously – which is only right and proper – but they don’t seem to have gone about it in a particularly dynamic way. Match tickets were discounted, which is a good start, but then it basically seems to have amounted to fans signing a book and an interview on the outfield during the lunch break, which honestly just sounds like work and not a celebration at all.

2. Is Stevo Day an annual thing now?

Why not? Kent can definitely improve on Stevo Day 1 – the least they could do is try. Or maybe his new county (if he finds one) can instead continue the tradition and show Kent how to host a proper Stevo Day, the way that we’d all imagined it. Come on everyone born in the 1970s, join the chant!

What do we want? More themes selected to specifically appeal to 40-somethings!

When do we want them? Next year and for every year thereafter until we grow infirm, which honestly won’t be that long so it’s no great commitment!

3. Was avoiding relegation really the right thing to do?

Kent marked Stevo Day by collecting maximum batting points which meant they avoided relegation. That’s an appropriate thing to do, we thought. And then we thought, no, wait, maybe it isn’t an appropriate thing to do. Maybe it’s a wholly inappropriate thing to do.

Because if there’s one county Darren Stevens definitely won’t be playing for next season, it’s Kent. What if he’s offered a contract at one of the relegated counties? (Definitely Gloucestershire and probably Warwickshire, but possibly Yorkshire.) What then? That’ll mean that the inaugural Stevo Day was marked by Stevo’s relegation to the second division?

Show some respect, damn it.

> Darren Stevens: a quite magnificently durable Wookie of a cricketer

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  1. Meanwhile, I think events at Old Trafford have shown who the real County Champions are, at least as far as I’m concerned.

    If the ECB want to reduce the number of games I am prepared, for a fee, to offer my services in determining who the champions are of any given competition, perhaps without any games having to be played at al…

  2. There is an eminent consultant immuno-oncologist in the USA named Steve O’Day. I hope that helps.

      1. Given up a little early, haven’t you, Sam? I don’t think that Yorkshire Simon “thinks it’s all over”.

      2. Tssk and piffle, Sam. In the words of the great man, could get ten wickets to save the season, will get ten wickets to save the season. And it’s not even ten you need, because you’ve already got two. So that means it’s eight needed. Could get eight wickets to save the season, will get eight wickets to save the season. So chin up, shoulders back, best foot forward, second best foot backward, eyes front, teeth in. We are all with you (*).

        (*) Disclaimer. All opinions expressed here are definitely about wanting Warwickshire to do well because Warwickshire are great and not even a little bit entirely about wanting Yorkshire to get relegated. Come on you Warkies.

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