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Huge thanks to everyone who became a patron of King Cricket after we launched our crowdfunder a couple of days ago. We’re hugely appreciative and we already consider the campaign a success.

At the time of writing, we’re stuck on 49 patrons. However, we’ve every confidence that we’ll find a quick single at some point in the next couple of sessions and get to raise our bat.

That’ll mean we’ve hit our first ‘goal’ of nurdling our way to a Collingwoodesque half century. Our second goal is 100 patrons, at which point we’ve promised we’ll do at least one 1,000-word feature a month.

That feels a way off at the minute, but it doesn’t feel totally beyond the realms of possibility in the long-term.

Success is relative. We’ve not raised a life-changing sum. At the same time the money is, with no exaggeration at all, the most pleasing we’ve ever earned by quite some distance.

The funding should help us up our game a little. We aren’t saying our good weeks will become any better, but hopefully our shit weeks will be a little less shit. Or at least a little less frequent.

Thanks to everyone. Thanks to the $1 patrons, and thanks to the $10 patrons, and thanks to all those patrons who bought us a pint (which was most of you). Thanks too to all the people who haven’t become patrons but who’ve at some point or another recommended one of our articles to a friend. We appreciate that in much the same way.

You can become a King Cricket patron here.

Update: We think the normal monthly payments go out on the first of the month. This is very unfortunate as we launched right at the end of August so you’ve probably seen two payments go in three days. Rest assured that’s a one-off.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. Polite round of applause, while KC lifts his bat briefly, as if to say, “job only half done and in any case my personal milestones are NOT what this is about – I’m trying to win it for the team here”.

    Still, half a century is half a century.

      1. It’s a question of pacing. Remember, Stokes was on 3 after 70 balls, but by the end was walloping it to all parts. He just changed his approach.

        Wait for a bit, then start offering free pies for everyone who signs up. You’ll get 73 in no time. It’s exactly what the Aussies did.

  2. KC, can you let your followers know that I’m starting a blog about bass players in third tier indie bands between the years of 88 and 94 – mainly concentrating on their bass lines from b-sides of unsuccessful singles although I will occasionally ask whether they recorded through a DI box or an amp . Can you tell your readers to drop cash only round my house. Minimum acceptable amount £50. Each contributor’s donation will be studiously ignored on the blog.
    First up: Sean McDonough, Thousand Yard Stare

      1. Unfortunately Edwardian, my brief google and quick listen suggests that Dif Juz are far too interesting/good for the intended blog but thank you for introducing me to them.

  3. Done. By the way KC, just over 10 years ago, we met for the first and only time when you came to our wedding reception.

    1. Is that how long? (Rhetorical. We imagine you’ve got your dates right.) If you pair have another wedding, we’ll definitely see you then.

      Thanks enormously.

  4. The World T20 Qualifiers are taking place and are free to view on Youtube, for those of us without Sky looking for something to watch!

    Thailand’s first match was against the Netherlands, whom they hammed twice en route to their NED-IRE-SCO-THA quadrangular crown in Deventer a few weeks ago. This was a rain-delayed, nine-overs-a-side affair, which apparently suited Thailand’s hard-hitting openers. Nattakan Chantam hit 44* off 32 balls and Naruemol Chaiwai 26* off 22 balls. Coming into the tournament, Chaiwai is ranked 17th in the ICC T20 batting ratings while Chantam is 30th.

    Replying to their total of 76/0, the Dutch were strangled by Thailand’s famously tight bowling outfit. Chanida Sutthiruang took 2-1-5-3 as the Netherlands were restricted to 46/5. Sutthiruang entered the tournament as the ICC’s 23rd ranked bowler – all-rounder Nattaya Boochatham, who also took a wicket, is 20th, while captain Sornnarin Tippoch, who went wicketless, is 28th. Overall, they ensured a convincing 30 run win for the world’s 12th ranked team over the 21st, and a welcome boost to the Net Run Rate.

    However, Sunday’s match against 25th ranked Namibia did not go according to plan or form-book. Namibia are surprise entrants to the qualifying tournament – as second-placed finished in the African qualifying group, they were a late replacement due to Zimbabwe’s recent ban from international cricket. Like Thailand, their strength is in their bowling, and the result was a surprisingly tense low-scoring match rather than the walk-over that Thailand’s form and Namibia’s rankings might have suggested. Thailand’s fate ended up resting largely in the hands of Wongpaka Liengprasert, who has scored only 1 run in her last 13 T20Is (a duck, a one, and eleven DNBs). The ICC have put up a four-minute highlights package at which is quite entertaining.

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