Are you watching Nick Compton?

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We knew he was worth watching this season. He’s currently 19 not out off 88 balls against Nottinghamshire, including a boundary which we damn well hope was an accident.

That’s the stuff. That’s why we picked him. Few players have the iron will required to be less entertaining than a rain delay.


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  1. He was out for 99 against former County Middx. in the opening match of the season. 😛

  2. Umm, not bad, but not what you might call artistic. The trouble is he is still there and is actually accumulating some runs. This gives what he is doing a certain usefulness that lessens the achievement. To do it properly, you need not only to score slowly but then to get yourself out cheaply, rendering the whole effort futile. For example, see the Nottinghamshire scorecard:

    Hales 9 from 36 (very good)
    Edwards 3 from 27 (superb)
    Taylor 2 from 26 (magnificent)
    Read 104* from 135 (pathetic)

    Their overall scorecard is a thing of beauty as well:

    Chris Read 104*
    Extras 17
    Everyone Else 41

    1. Taylor 2 from 26 (magnificent)


      Yep. Still amused by him failing. I think I’ll be able to keep this up all year.

    2. Hey, it works for me right now.

      I don’t know though. I got over Stuart Broad eventually, kind of. And Ben Smith, and Alan Mullally, and Darren Maddy, and Aftab Habib, and Darren Stevens, and Luke Wright, and Paul Nixon, and Iain Sutcliffe…

      At least Josh Cobb’s having a good day.

  3. 19 0ff 88’s decent, but a bit too enthusiastic though. They risk getting 200 in a day, which is far too much.

    1. He used an 0 rather than an o in off as well. Tut tut all round. And “far too much”, or “far too many”? Discus.

    2. I got a C at GCSE, and that’s without ever having learnt the difference between verbs and adjectives…

    1. Oh come on, this comment is up for a few days and noone has made an ankylosis spondylitis joke?

    2. A few people will have made it internally, but thanks for not letting standards slip.

  4. As everyone knows, the best way to tell who is the top team is a playoff between the top two from last season. And would you believe it, it’s happening right now. And would you believe it, Lancashire are pummelling the ground up remains of Warwickshire into the dust of the infernal abyss of eternal hellfire and damnation, as William Blake might have put it.

    We’re a shoo-in for the title again, KC.

    1. You wrote this during one of your hubris moments, didn’t you, Bert?

      We have had words about this before.

    2. Yes well, er, yes, but er, but, but…

      I still reckon that 81 for 7 is a pretty good return for the bowlers. It has to be said, however, that an unbeaten stand of 224 for the 8th wicket does mar the picture a fraction. However, the way I see it is that if you are going to allow the #6 and #9 batsmen to each get centuries in a single stand that looks like it will be larger than your total score, you are much better off doing it from 81/7 than say 400/7, which would be more usual.

      So, an excellent piece of Lancastrian tactical thinking there. Well done them.

    3. I understand the point. 44/4 does not sound good, but add four to that total, 444/4, and that sounds really pretty impressive.

      Simple task for the Lanckeys tomorrow.

  5. That’s the spirit, Bert. Keep your chin up. Many a bowling attack has been out-played by the deadly duo of Rikki Clark and Darren Maddy.

    It’s going to be a long season.

  6. Double ton up for Compo…

    …(More than most whole teams have been scoring at this stage of the season)…

    …yes I’m watching…

  7. He may have scored 19 of 88, but he did kind of spoil that by scoring a further 185 off 235.

    He’s actually putting up some scary numbers this year. So far, two double centuries, two other centuries and a 99 in 8 innings.

    1. At this rate he may manage 1000 runs before the end of April, let alone May.

      There. That’ll stop him.

    2. Has “of” become the new “off”? Is that what we’re doing now? Is something brilliant happening?

  8. Glen Chapple! Peter Martin! David Lloyd! Mike Atherton! Paul Allott! Neil Fairbrother! Gary Keedy! Mark Chilton! Ian Austin! Can you hear me, Ian Austin! Your boys took one hell of a beating!

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