Nick Compton, Middlesex

Nick Compton - he could be a part... time... modelWith his exotic upbringing, superior air and blonde looks, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Nick Compton wasn’t exactly our cup of tea.

And you’d be right. We can’t really remember why we’ve included him now. We remember that there were a number of tricky decisions made when selecting this year’s ones to watch. Several cricketers we’re rather fond of missed the cut. How did Compton survive?

Never let it be said that no thought goes into this website. Equally, never let it be said that repeated instances of poor memory don’t play a large part as well.

We’ll be watching Nick Compton this season. Hopefully at some point it will become apparent why.

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16 Appeals

  1. Or an air hostess in the sixties..

  2. What happened to Briony? Did you shatter her dreams, and leave here broken and bereft?

    i bet you did, you cold bastarf, you..

  3. …but he’d probably have to keep his normal job.

  4. Buy him a kebab …

  5. …spend part of your time modelling, and part of your time next to me.

  6. He’s definitely in the top-three … good looking guys in a county team (depending on the county)

  7. How did they get a hottie like that to a county like this?

  8. you’re a legend Dave

    (this could go on all year…)

  9. We could do this all year, yes.

    One of my friends didn’t get it and thought I was just being smutty.

  10. Didn’t get what? I thought you were just being smutty too.

    I had a budgie but it died

  11. ooh, appropriate for Nick Compton.

    blondie blondie blondie blondie

  12. Hoop, like a banji, you got it goin’ on
    Wanna see you wearin’ that thong thong thong
    See you gettin’ down till the break of dawn
    *Mumble mumble mumble* – with your panties on

    (best FOTC bit ever)

  13. I can’t believe i missed the fotc sing along.

    Not word for word jenny.

  14. Wish you knew how much I loved your legs and your hair.

  15. I now loathe Nick Compton

    He’s going to wake up in a smoothie.

  16. why, is the concrete world starting to get ya?

    Be more constructive with your feedback.

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