Nimbus being conspicuously indifferent to all manner of cricketing things

Miriam writes:

“I give you: my sister’s new cat, Nimbus.

“We showed her your feature in The Wisden Cricketer, but, as you can see, she simply could not be bothered and she made her feelings perfectly clear.

We thought Nimbus was a dude, not a lass

“She was also not at all tempted by The Wisden Cricketer cover stories. Pace may be back, but she’s not watching.

Maybe we're just bitter because she's indifferent to our achievements

“In tribute to Ryan Sidebottom’s 7-fer against New Zealand, we then tried to get her into the spirit by giving her a Ryan Sidebottom wig (that’s MY ACTUAL HAIR people!).

Did we make that plural? We meant 'achievement' singular

“As they say, sometimes the face of a cat can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face.”

More animals being conspicuously indifferent to cricket

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21 Appeals

  1. Wow, Nimbus’ face looks like thunder (or maybe rain)

    I’ll get my coat..

  2. raincoat?

  3. Dude you get some seriously weird fans on this site.

  4. It’s a good thing that none of these weird fans have never, ever, not once made their way to your site.

  5. You won’t catch me on some dodgy australians website, oh no,

  6. Hooray! A new indifferent cat!

  7. Is jrod just annoyed that his Wisden campaign has fallen of stony ground so far?

    Good cat.

  8. Jrod loves cats and is trying to hide it, but I’m not fooled.

    D Charlton, thank you. She is an excellent cat even though/because she just has the one facial expression: conspicuous indifference.

  9. Nimbus’s expression is EXACTLY right in response to anyone saying “right areas” or “zone” (or any variant thereof)

  10. Ceci, that’s *literally* her only expression. It’s like she was born to look indifferent to cricket.

  11. I reckon Nimbus is straying over the line of indifference, and into the territory of “seriously unimpressed”. With cricket, Mimsy’s hair, and everything else in life.

    If she were a teenager, she’d be emo.

    Mims, nice hair, BTW, but are you sure you want the freaks and weirdoes that frequent this site to know that it’s yours?!

  12. Mahinda, Nimbus is 12 so we’re expecting her to tip into even more emo moodiness next year.

    It’s only hair. As far as I know Google haven’t figured out a way to trace someone by a picture of their hair (although I expect it’s only a matter of time).

  13. I’m afraid it’s all too easy. Now we just have to work out whether you’re at the Women’s Environmental Network, the Ministry of Defence, or the Hackney Empire.

  14. Damnit! Google, think of the children!

  15. Mimsy is slang for vagina.

  16. I always knew those borogoves were dirty.

  17. Mimsy, slang for vagina?! That’s rubbish slang. I mean, why? How? What?

    I used to titter merrily in Latin class when a Roman soldier happily his gladius into a vagina. I like to think I’ve grown out of all that now.

    J Rod and Mimsy. *titter*

  18. This is one Kingcricket cat update that I’m NOT sending to my mum.

  19. Miriam, Need I remind you that you traced my real identity via a picture of my cat? I’m not sure using hair is that much different.

  20. That’s IT. I’m selling the hair to a specialist Ryan Sidebottom wigmaker.

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