Spartacus being conspicuously indifferent to Nathan Hauritz

Miriam writes:

Here is my cat Spartacus being conspicuously indifferent to Nathan Hauritz, just like the Australian selectors.

He's Spartacus

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8 Appeals

  1. this is more like it.

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    Animals being conspicuously indifferent to cricket //

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  3. Shame on you, Spartacus, albeit this is an Aussie cricketer! Hopefully you’ll show more respect to the England players.

  4. I am Spartacus

  5. Is there a Venn to prove that Ged?

    Indifference to Hauritz aside you can’t help but feel that Spartacus may well have made better decisions than the Aussies selectors.

  6. Is Spartacus an Indian batsman in disguise? They have a notable indifference to Hauritz as well…

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