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Ashes Cricket 2009 is an action cricket game, as opposed to a strategy game. It’s probably the best cricket game going of that type.


Weirdly, batting’s actually better than bowling. In previous cricket games, batting has largely been about getting frustrated and smashing the joypad because your idiot batsman set off for a run when the ball was in the keeper’s gloves or because you finally missed a yorker after facing six overs of them. In Ashes Cricket 2009, there’s none of this. More importantly, it actually feels like real batting.

The biggest compliment we can pay this game is that it really helps if you know a bit about cricket. For any given delivery, you have three decisions to make:

  1. Front foot or back foot
  2. Defensive shot, attacking shot, lofted shot or ‘using your feet’
  3. Direction of shot

Your margin for error varies according to how sensible a shot you’re playing. Aim a drive at a wide outswinger or play against the spin and you’d better get your timing bang on. Play a straight half-volley back past the bowler and it’ll be much easier to time. The upshot is, you look at the field and weigh up the percentages. It’s like actually playing cricket, only you’re not unfit and uncoordinated. Not until you get to the tail anyway.

Equally important is that the game doesn’t automatically punish you if you play a crap shot. Edges might not carry, mishits sometimes evade fielders. It all adds to the sense of realism.

Poor footwork there - you can tell, because it says it in writing


To be honest, bowling is where Ashes Cricket 2009 falls down, which is a shame, because it promises a lot. There are loads deliveries on offer and it depends on the bowler and the playing conditions whether you can use them or not.

The bowling mechanism is good as well and at first you feel it’s just as good as the batting. It feels like you’re working the batsman over, trying to set him up. You’re bowling to your field and all’s going well. Then suddenly, it all goes mental.

I don’t know what it is, but after about eight overs, the opposition batsmen engage the long handle and switch off their brains. The ball flies to all parts, there’s a run-out every three overs and there’s NOTHING you can do about either of those things. At that point, it’s impossible to suspend disbelief and that’s no good.


We’re shite at it. For catches, the ball approaches a fielder in slow motion and all you have to do is press a key at the right moment, as indicated by a red, amber or green colour around the ball. We favour the red immediately after the optimum green.

Is it worth buying?

We’d say so, yes. Twenty20 matches are largely immune to the demented slogging when you’re in the field, so that’s not so bad. Plus, you then get to gauge a run-chase, which is where this game’s at its best, because you’re constantly balancing risk and reward; picking your times to go over the top and making sure you score off every ball.

You can get Ashes Cricket 2009 from Amazon for not a huge amount of money.


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  1. It’s good enough, but I wish they’d got the speeds right on the bowlers. It’s a bit dispiriting to have Anderson charging in and bowling at 72mph.

    Plus, even given that, it doesn’t feel quick enough – the ball doesn’t fly around, or bounce particularly. And I wish they’d bothered to get the other accreditations…

    Still the best cricket game on the consoles.

  2. Might it also be worth mentioning that the game is as buggy as hell and Transmission (the game’s dev company) have gone pop, halfway through creating the patch?

  3. I agree with that, It’s probably the best cricket game going of that type. I am also an addicted of this game and mostly play on my PC, but there should be some more implementation in bowling in this.

  4. Don’t think the game’s that buggy. There are certainly a few and load times are piss poor, but overall we reckon it’s a very decent cricket game.

    Two-player matches could be pretty damn good, because it takes the computer’s demented running and slogging out of the equation.

  5. Pair up with a few mates and have a 5 overs a side tournament, great fun and you’ll no doubt have a few nail biters!!

  6. Playing through the wii version now. The timing for the batting is a little finiky – still undecided whether auto batting or the direction controls are the way to go.

    One thing you neglected to mention was the homosexuality on the fall of wicket. Seems closer to the womens game than the mens in that regard…

  7. We’ve reviewed the Wii version separately (and not published it yet, we now realise), because it’s actually a completely different game.

    It’s a lot worse, we’d say.

  8. Yap It’s probably the best cricket game going of that type. I am also an addicted of this game and mostly play on my PC, but there should be some more implementation in bowling in this.

  9. i have a question plz help me i play ashes with my friend .Mostly he ball a very strange delivery that out of my mind .example its looks like that its going to extra cover and suddenly its will be a yorker i dont know how he done that if any 1 know about it plz tell me thanks in advance

  10. Hi,
    This is Jeevan. I installed Ashes cricket 2009.When i am starting the game the game is playing itself.But the training sessions in lengends Coaching was working Properly. What should i have to do.Please Reply Me………….I am asking Every one

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