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We’re reviewing Ashes Cricket 2009 at the moment. It’s actually pretty good, although we’re going to play it a bit more to check there’s no massive flaws that ruin the illusion.

There was a slower ball bouncer in the original Brian Lara Cricket which would clean bowl cowering batsmen every time. We couldn’t play the game after we found that. We had to leave the house and speak to people instead. It was horrendous.

Ricky Ponting and Bill Pullman shake hands before the first Test

So far, we’ve found that batting’s harder that bowling – but it always is in these games. Our World XI side got past 50 in our first innings though, which is way better than you usually manage with a new cricket game. Nevertheless, we do make one recommendation if you’re going to get the PC version of Ashes Cricket 2009: grow some additional fingers.

Between directing your shot; choosing to play off the front foot or back foot; and then playing either a defensive shot, attacking shot or lofted shot, you’re having to make use of at least one unreliable finger. Apparently you can move around the crease as well, but our batsmen have been more Inzamam-ul-Haq than Jonty Rhodes thus far.

Buy it from Amazon now if you can’t wait for our proper review.


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  1. Who’s the umpire? It looks like Simon Taufel with a beard. Is it Simon Taufel with a beard? Can you add beards to whoever you like? If so, how have you found time to play the cricket?

  2. Quite genuinely there IS an option to add beards to whoever you want.

    We have to admit, it did take a while to create that World XI of WG Graces.

  3. Anyone played the Wii version? Nintendo decided that we down under dont want to play a cricket game until November so I may as well find out if it’s any good rather than pre ordering.

  4. Quite like the 360 one except for terrible innings timing by the computer. I made 450-odd, was pretty happy with it, and was even happier when I got the computer out for 60 in the space of about 8 overs because it was playing Twenty20 in an Ashes match :S


  6. Ashes cricket is not a revolution game like BLC 99 was,but certainly a very good game indeed. things that make Ashes Cricket 2009 stood ahead of rest cricket games are :-
    1) High definition graphics
    2) Ecexellent batting controll
    3) 360 degree scoring range
    And here are some minus points/weakenesses
    a) Few unrealstatics shot playing styles(lofted ones)
    b) Batsmen gets set too quickly
    c) Hitting a six is very very easy
    Although i have discovered i fine trick to play as you play with ur friends.
    OK go to the tournament section, take all 9 teams & SELECT THEM ALL TO HUMAN/USER MODE, not computer mode. ok now you can bat & bowl for all 9 teams 20 ovrs game & score as freely as u can,dont worry of hitting six sixes/ovr & scoring 300 + in 20 ovrs.when u finish batting out 20 ovrs actually blasting out 120 balls get ready to chass them right away.. how??
    when ur opposition is ready to bat & ur bowler is ready to ball,pause the game, save the match & quit the game.Now in the home page Load the game but take ur controller to the other team so that you will be chassing the huge score & this time hitting sixes will be a neccesity.thus you can play a competetive match sitting alone,& its more more when you play in tournament with all 9 teams….

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