Cricket bloggers – advice about covering the Ashes | part one

With the Ashes on its way, the internet will see a huge number of cricket blogs being started in the next month or so. Most will die on their arses within a few weeks, but some will stick around.

We’ve been doing this since January 2006 and in new media terms, that makes us pretty much a world authority on this subject. So it seems only fair that we should share some of our wisdom and experience to help out new starters.

Lesson one: When blogging in fancy dress, choose your costume wisely

It’s a common mistake. You’re trying to analyse Ricky Ponting’s form with the bat, but your typing is being massively hampered by the giant foamy fingers of your Deputy Dawg outfit.

When choosing the fancy dress costume you’re going to be doing your Ashes blogging in, pick something that offers good visibility and which allows you to type properly.

A Ming The Merciless outfit is our preference, but we’ll admit the voluminous cape can be problematic. We’ve got used to it, but we have had a lot of practice. It’s not something we’d recommend to others as you’ll lose a few cups of tea in the early days, catching them with your massive sleeves and dragging them off the table.

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4 Appeals

  1. I didn’t mean to infest your regal outpourings with more phototat – but the coincidence of reading about your Ming costume and minutes later seeing Colly blagging his Yahoo blog on Sky was really just too much….

  2. This is sage advice indeed- I’m sure I could have typed a lot more quickly if only I’d removed my giant novelty foam hands before using the computer.

  3. King Cricket

    June 3, 2009 at 1:15 pm


    What you need is a giant novelty foam keyboard.

  4. I thought this site isn’t a blog, KC. You have said so specifically and your regal word is the law.

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