Ashes blogging advice | part two

Hello. Welcome to the second in our series of posts about how new websites should cover the Ashes. We’ve been doing this for years and our advice will be invaluable to you as you take your first steps into the world of cricket blogging.

Lesson two is to never EVER open up a monocle shop in the middle of the Ashes. We’ve made this mistake so you don’t have to.

  1. A new business venture will distract you from the Ashes, which should always be your prime focus when covering the Ashes. Time spent on single lens eyewear is time WASTED in terms of building the profile of your site.
  2. Monocle shops aren’t very popular in this day and age and you’ll most likely lose a lot of money, meaning you might not be able to afford hosting and all that sort of stuff.
  3. Local youths will call you a ‘bender’ and throw bricks through your shop window. This will make you feel glum which may affect the standard of your writing.

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5 Appeals

  1. Fucksocks. Suave’s Monocles of Westcliff On Sea, opened for business this morning.
    Damn you, monocle hating kids and non buying public.

  2. I’ll buy a hundred!

  3. Thank you Dave, you’ve kept me open until the Lords test at least. Phew!

  4. Damn it, I was about to open up Pataudi’s – the finest monocle/fancy dress shop know to man. And I wonder why nobody goes to my little hinterland of the interwebs…

  5. A very one-eyed take on cricket blogging, IMHO.

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