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On our return, we were pleasantly surprised to hear of the various ways that people experienced the 2005 Ashes series. It seems to be quite rare that anyone actually went to a ground or sat in their front room in front of the telly.

Ways readers experienced the 2005 Ashes:

  • In a sports bar in Edinburgh
  • In an operating theatre, performing a hysterectomy
  • Giving an Australian a lift home from work
  • At a Travelodge
  • Through text messages at the wife’s cousin’s wedding
  • On a bench with a radio instead of inside the National Gallery without one
  • Receiving updates from the father-in-law while ensconced on the khazi, suffering the wild shits


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. My mate bought a ticket for Day 5 at the Oval months before on the off chance that not only would there be play but also there’d be something to play for.

    The night before he went to look for the ticket and despite his desperate efforts he couldn’t find it. He spent that Monday sitting alone on his sofa watching it all unfold through floods of tears.

    He since found it in his laptop bag and found some solace in the fact he had a bittersweet memento of the whole incredible summer.

    Only he lost it again. Idiot.


  2. the best part of the 2005 Ashes campaign was the ads.

    No-one does sports ads quite like you Poms

  3. I apologise wholeheartedly, your majesty, for my Ashes 2005 tales involving attending the cricket or sitting watching it on the telly.

    I hope my minority experience was not too distressing a read for you and your loyal subjects.

    I shall be at the dentists for the opening overs on Wednesday. Perhaps that will set a precident for a more KC-friendly Ashes 2009.

  4. It was the best series I never saw. The only thing that compares was “watching” the Ryder Cup at the Belfry, sat in the stand by the tenth green, only me and my mate, after all the pairings had gone past, trying to interpret the action based on 1) the direction of the cheering and a course map, and 2) the nature of the cheering (“ooooooooooohaaaaaaah” = missed European putt; “……………..ooohclapclapclap” = holed American putt; etc.). And some cans of Stella, they helped as well.

    Oh, drinkaware, obviously.

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