How to write an Ashes blog | part three

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Welcome to part three of our informative series of posts about how to run a cricket blog during the Ashes.

For our third lesson, we’d like to stress to you just how important it is to use the right equipment.

You should type on a keyboard, have your words appear on a monitor and then publish your work on the internet.

You should NOT type on a steam iron, have the words appear on a wigwam and then publish your work on a fountain pen. Those items should be used for the purposes for which they were intended, namely ironing, inhabiting and italicising.

It might also be worth remembering that you shouldn’t do frantic hand jiving when attempting to compose an article either.

Also, don’t set fire to anything.

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  1. Allow me to preempt Part 4:

    “Remove any flashing advertising pictures because they are massively distracting.”

  2. Are we getting flashing ads on the site? We haven’t seen any.

    We’ll remove them if we are. Is it that stupid long one on the left?

    Give the word and it goes.

  3. There are ads? Am irresistibly drawn by your words O king and unaware of peripheral distractions.

    Re fountain pen – have been given ancient family fountain pen but have not worked out how to make it suck up ink so cannot italicise. Pity

  4. Typing on a steam iron is the perfect way to remove your fingerprints, and the first step to an exciting new life of crime!

  5. I’d never noticed that ad before. Now i have. And now i have hired a car in Spain. I am not even in Spain. And i don’t intend to go there.

    Thanks King. Thanks for nothing.

  6. Assuming, just for the sake of argument, that someone had set a post on fire, what course of action would you recommend? Do cricinfo accept burnt offerings, or should it be used as a comment on a rival blog?

  7. I like the adverts.

    Were it not for adverts on cricket web sites and Sky Sports I’d only ever read about and look at cricket.

    What do they know of Cricket who only cricket know?

    Thanks, KC, thanks for the ads.

    And now, a word from our sponsors…….

  8. SimonC, rather than accepting the fire and then asking what to do with it, you’d be better off attempting to extinguish it.

    Try fanning the flames. We hear that works well.

  9. if it says that you are visitor 100,00 then you are being misled – I am visitor 100,000 and I’ve already attempted to claim my $59 worth of prizes. I’m hoping for 30 curly-wurlys.

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