The eleventh most influential sports blog in Britain

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That’s us. Apart from the top ten, we’re first!

We were going to change the title of the site to ‘King Cricket – eleventh most influential sports blog in Britain’, but what if we go up a place or so? When do you cross the line from self-deprecating joke to feeble boast? Is it when you breach the top ten? Top three?

We heard about this from Patrick at Line and Length, who’s fourth. Apart from the top three, that’s first!

The rankings are from Wikio who make their calculations according to incoming links.

We’re going to stop drawing attention to recognition we’ve recently received now. Mainly because there isn’t any more.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. now…enough is enogh…

    i am going ahead with renaming my blog KINGs Cricket… ;-))

    on serious note…its nice feeling that the effort you put in is making difference somewhere and is recognized…

    cheers and congrats mate!!

  2. How about worlds most awarded cricket blog.

    You win something everyweek, and all i get is perverted google searches.

  3. You know those search terms are all words you’ve used, right?

    Coming 11th is only a win if you’re English as well. We have lower standards.

  4. I’ve been trying to make sense of the top listing. I mean – apart from the fact that I found everything but L&L and the Corridor (which can be a bit worthy) DULL – why is it that the top 3 have remained static and the rest have ALL gone up – why have none gone down?

    Does this mean that what was blog no 4 from last month is extinct? As is the former no19? And the number and weight (wtf?) of incoming links is so much the same from month to month?

  5. It’s kind of like Michael Hussey becoming the world’s #1 batsman without playing in months. But it seems that some blogs lower on the list have not been updated in several months . . . so that would be the equivalent of Simon Jones being ranked because his average is still good?

  6. Hey skchai, I’ve seen you commenting at It Figures. I entirely agree with you that taking the ratio of BQI to bowling average is the way to go.

  7. Nothing special, Suave. A ratio of a tick over 1, down in 94th spot (qual 50 Test wickets) when I made my list a couple of months ago. Dean Headley’s ahead of him.

  8. I guess with being a second change bowler, that would remove some of the possibilities for higher quality batsmen..

  9. Little correction: When I said a ‘tick’, I should have said a ‘tenth’ – I punched the wrong numbers into the calculator and didn’t get 1.09 like I should have. The rankings etc. was all correct though.

  10. My point about dead or dormant blogs in the nether regions doesn’t in any way take away from the King’s wonderful achievement (can I get three acres of corn or a tax farmership for saying that?) – in fact I think it is all the more impressive since the King managed to gain his audience the hard way – starting when independent cricket blogs were thin on the ground and despite (or because of?) courting potential confusion from the selectors that this about Robert Key or cats or cannons. Actually, the latter helped to define the qualities that differentiate a good cricket blog from those (mostly) boring sites about football or American sports. Let the eternal domination of cricket over the sports blogspace commence.

    David Barry – Thanks for supporting me on the BQI. Approval from the master has affirmed my reason for existence!

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