Mark Nicholas presents Britain’s Best Dish

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Did you know about this? Why did no-one tell us?

Here’s what the Britain’s Best Dish site says:

“After a hugely successful transition to cuisine, Mark has returned to present the second series of Britain’s Best Dish.”

Oh that's fabulous/delightful/exquisiteWe suppose that if you make a hugely successful transition into something, you’re left with no choice.

So what exactly happens on the show?

Well, some people make some food and then some judges say which food’s best. To better ratchet up the tension, Nicholas announces the results over a slow, muffled beat and then a cheap Casio keyboard plays a short ‘ta-daaaa’ fanfare to honour the victor. The Wire it ain’t.

Also, Nicholas dresses like a snooker player throughout. The exact reason for this is unclear.

One of the judges is Jilly ‘damn it woman, just tell me if it’s nice or not’ Goolden. Apparently, her interests include gardening, animals, wildlife, horses, ghosts and palmistry, which we thought was worth sharing, even though it’s wholly unrelated to cricket.

The title for this post could easily have been: ‘Mark Nicholas – Britain’s Best Dish’.

You’ll notice that it isn’t that.


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  1. Presumably, Nicholas will be in full-on Gush Mode.

    Just what you want with food lying around.

  2. I don’t think you should be allowed to list animals, wildlife and horses as three separate interests.

  3. Can ‘ghosts’ be an interest? Suppose it can.

    “What are your interests?”

    “I’m interested in ghosts.”


  4. What next? Jamie Oliver presenting Test match highlights? Cricket Writers on Food?

    Could be worse though – Charles Colville presenting anything at all.

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