Cricket T-shirt winners

We’ve got the winners of the cricket T-shirt competition we ran about a month ago.

We ran the competition late and we’re announcing the winners late. That’s pretty much the way things work round here.

At the weekend we were 45 minutes late meeting our friend and it was only a one hour journey. Fortunately, he managed to be two hours late, despite setting off at the same time as me. ‘”I had to stop for a sleep,” he said.

Anyway, here are the winners.

  • Thomas Bastin
  • Sam Blackledge
  • Simon Daffen
  • Murray Nixon
  • Sue Nolan

You should receive your T-shirts by Friday.

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9 Appeals

  1. back of the proverbial

  2. I see the trauma of giving away free stuff has caused you to slip into the first person.

  3. I think that was the friend that was the first person.

    It does appear that each winner will receive more than one tee shirt tho.

  4. Just like India……..where we follow the IST (GMT +5) which really is Indian Stretchable Time.

  5. I’m so thrilled. This makes up for losing the Ashes.

  6. Both are first person….

    “I” is first person singular
    “we” is first person plural

  7. you tell ’em Benno.

    The Kings said “Fortunately, he managed to be two hours late, despite setting off at the same time as me.”
    There they are all singular first person.

  8. Well actually, “he” is 3rd person singular……but who cares…..what is this….effing dictionary corner on Countdown?!!

  9. I meant first person singular, of course. It was the “me” part that I was referring to.

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