Beware the fury of Sussex County Cricket Club

The BBC are reporting that Sussex are furious with Surrey because the latter approached one of their players.

Feel their wrath!

Sussex chairman, Jim May, was red-faced with fury, ranting:

“The approach is unwelcome and the timing very unfortunate.”

Peppering the interviewer with flecks of spit and bile, May’s rage later reached its zenith with the following outburst:

“This is a complex situation as we have absolutely no wish to lose a player of Rory’s potential and we will consider our response carefully before any further communication.”

Don’t cross Sussex or you’ll feel their wrath.

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7 Appeals

  1. I actually read this article yesterday and expected Alex Ferguson-style language and a tone that made me imagine eyes popping out of the relevant sockets.

    I don’t think “fury” and cricket are mutually exclusive, but they cross less often than they should. A bit more fury in CC matches would add extra spectacle, and pull in more spectators. I mean who would object to Sussex and Surrey settling this dispute by having an enormous brawl during their first contest of the season?

    Not I.

  2. I think Surrey need to appoint Mark Vermeulen as their fury adviser.

  3. It would be a good move to introduce such counter-fury as he could supply.

  4. Wasn’t Hamilton-Hobbit not a Surrey player until they kicked him off to Sussex? Perhaps they’re aiming to collect their discards again – Notts ought to keep a tight hold of Ali Brown’s zimmer frame

  5. You can substitute the word “simple” for the word “complex” in the final quote, and it still makes perfect sense.

  6. His uncapped rage gave me goosebumps.

    Of terror.


  7. Be afraid. Carefully consider being very afraid.

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