Botham flouts health and safety regulations

Botham LITERALLY digging himself a hole for once

Is that suitable footwear? No.

Should he be removing his hard hat? No.

Also, it’s generally accepted that a high-visibility tabard be worn over the top of ordinary clothing so that you can easily be seen.

Botham is wearing high-visibility clothing, but has concealed its garish, eye-catching qualities beneath a low-visibility tabard.

We’ve got to get us a low-visibility tabard.

Thanks to Sam for sending us the photo.

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7 Appeals

  1. The contrast with Mike Hussey could not be more marked. Hussey is wearing what appears to be a proper high-visibility tabard, his helmet is firmly in place, and he has an expression of fierce concentration to show he is properly assessing the risk of encountering hazardous objects. It’s as though Beefy set up the photo deliberately to show how macho and devil-may-care he is in comparison.

    He’ll be sorry though. You mess with H&S regulations at your peril.

  2. Think you’ll find Sam’s picture is a still from Pascal “Martyrs” Laugier’s short (very) film “La morte tragique de M le Rosbif (avec beaucoup de sang)”

    The whole can be found here:

  3. I could watch that for hours, Ceci.

  4. Damn the work servers that won’t load phtobucket!

    I am taunted by the title ‘Botham splat’!

  5. Also, note the casual way he is leaning his elbow against the controls – think of the ramifications!

    I can’t load photobucket at work, but the title ‘Botham Splat’ sounds great.

  6. Haha! Fab splat! Shame it wasn’t Bob Willis or Colville, preferably both. Oh and could get Boycott in there too…

  7. Loving the splat – could this be the start of a series?

    *votes for Tony Greig*

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