Duncan Fletcher on Ian Botham

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Not literally. That would be hideous. That would be really, really, world-class, title-taking hideous.

No. This is the view of Ian Botham expressed in Duncan Fletcher’s book:

“‘Get rid of all the guys like Atherton, Caddick and Tufnell,’ he [Botham] told me.

‘Why?’ I asked.

‘Because they’re too old, rather go with youth,’ he replied.

‘Who then?’ I asked.

‘Graeme Hick and Robin Smith.’

‘But hold on they are the same age,’ I replied in exasperation.

‘But they are different,’ he said.”

We love this exchange. This is classic Botham. He’s not a man blessed with clarity of thought. Great cricketer, sterling charity-worker, excremental commentator.

Ian Botham normally waits a while before contradicting himself at least.