Complacent England sabotage their own team

No Mike Yardy for England’s World Cup opener against the Netherlands? Are they saving him for later in the tournament?

Maybe he’s being remoulded as a secret weapon. Although if that’s the case, he’s not very weapon-like. He seems like something altogether more functional, like a spanner or a screwdriver.

Maybe he’s England’s secret tool.

We’re aware that sounds like a euphemism.

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9 Appeals

  1. There’s nothing secret about the tools that are playing Holland right now, though.

  2. 48.3
    Broad to Borren, 1 no ball, finally Broad goes full and straight and he’s rewarded again with a wicket. Borren giving himself room but it wasn’t short so his attempted flay never got near. Excellent cameo knock though from the captain. Hold on, what’s going on here!? Borren has stopped going off and he’s survived! England only had three inside the circle so it’s a no ball! Dear oh dear, the wheels are off and England are a shambles. Collingwood is the offending man, failed to walk in into the circle at midwicket.

    Yay, it’s the olden days again. I’m glad. I missed the olden days. You knew where you were in the olden days.

    • King Cricket

      February 22, 2011 at 12:45 pm

      Specifically, you were in purgatory.

      Mike Yardy would have prevented this from happening and he would have ensured we had better sandwiches for lunch.

      Not sure how, but he would.

    • Mike Yarwood would have prevented this from happening, by impersonating a competent ODI player. I mean that most sincerely folks.

  3. What were you all worried about?

  4. You’re just lucky Australia did the dirty on the Netherlands and Nannes, one more bowler may have tipped it their way.

  5. what about the secret secret weapon (one L.Wright) ?

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