Why did Ricky Ponting smash a TV?

There are some great stories going around about Ricky Ponting smashing a telly after being run-out against Zimbabawe.

We like the ones that depict feeble tantrums rather than those where he has THE RAGE. Our two favourites so far are:

  1. That he threw his gloves at the TV and now there is no picture on three-quarters of the screen (does he keep magnets in his gloves?)
  2. He threw his box in his bag. It bounced and bust the telly.

Both good stories for their unlikeliness. The real reason is more mundane. As a child, Ricky Ponting had a very bad Halloween experience with someone dressed as Evil Edna.

Without wishing to go into details about that particular incident, immediately before he powered his bat through the screen this week, Ponting was heard to shout: “No means no, Evil Edna. No means no!”

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9 Appeals

  1. He did it because word had got out that he has had a hair weave.

    Please start a Weave-Watch column. It should also spotlight any one looking botoxed.

    i.e. e.g. Zaheer Khan

  2. They should get Richard Keys to interview him: “Did you smash it?… stupid question really, course you smashed it”

  3. The fielder was a prat(t) for throwing down the stumps from that far out.

  4. Because it is in the Spirit of Cricket.

  5. Its funny how in the midst of all these wild speculations, we ignore the real reason. Which, as Hercule Poirot will attest, is also the simplest.

    He was mad because Scott Styris spurned his advances.

  6. King Cricket

    February 23, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Maybe that advert for the WeightWatchers iPhone ‘app’ was on.

    Sometimes we can’t quite believe just how much we detest pretty much everything in the entire world.

  7. Rob Key excepted of course?!

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