Ricky Ponting has the runs

Ricky Ponting is having a runHe has 10,000 of them in Tests. That’s the way you phrase it, isn’t it? You ‘have’ runs.

We’ve already written one update about Ricky Ponting where we referred to ‘rather spectacular motions‘. That was a rather feeble ‘rushed toilet visit’ joke too.

If you’re worried that the site’s becoming increasingly low-brow, don’t worry – we’re fairly sure we’re not going to falsely insinuate that Ricky Ponting’s got diarrhoea again. We’re going to wait until it’s true.

Remember when Andrew Flintoff had the wild shits?

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4 Appeals

  1. That is some top-class punning, sir.

  2. I’d be more worried if the site was becoming increasingly high-brow, to be honest.

  3. Good work. The world needs more wild shits.

  4. There’s a cheer-leading group on Facebook called “Stuart Broad is the Shit” – I’m not sure how wild he is though

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