County Championship leaders engage in not-so-titanic struggle

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With first playing second in the County Championship, it’s a good time for a brief update on the state of the tournament.

Nottinghamshire have been the best side this year. They’re second with a game in hand on Yorkshire, who they’re currently battering. This season Yorkshire have been reliant on the season’s top-scorer, Adam Lyth, who got a duck yesterday and the season’s top wicket-taker, Adil Rashid, who currently has 1-104.

Nottinghamshire haven’t really relied on anyone. They’ve all played well. Their top scorer has actually been Chris Read, who makes runs every year and is somehow still considered a bad batsman.

In this match, David Hussey is on 250 not out. That’s more than handy when your opponents have been bowled out for 178.

In other news, we’ve got a week’s worth of post to open, but show no signs of doing anything with it. This habit of ours annoys some people.


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  1. And when Notts feel like it, they can always include Stuart “8-52” Broad and Graeme “@swannyg66” Swann to bolster their options.

  2. Pretty sure it’s not when they feel like it. Think it’s when England feel like it.

    No complaints from them about losing their best players though. Good on them.

  3. Rudolphs 1000 and odd runs haven’t been entirely trivial to Yorkshire’s success either.

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