Cricinfo comments section joy

We wrote an article about Kevin Pietersen’s advisors, but we weren’t really sure about it. Cricinfo liked it. The readers didn’t.

Or maybe they did. Is ‘aweful’ their way of saying ‘full of awe’? Is ‘disaster’ their way of… um…

Funnily enough, we’re actually experiencing a crisis of confidence at the moment. This has nothing to do with the Cricinfo comments, it’s just part of our own, internal cycle.

A bit of self-loathing keeps you honest.

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26 Appeals

  1. I’m surprised Selassie-I isn’t slightly embarrassed to reveal that it took him a whole 4 minutes to read ‘this dross’.

  2. A different Pete

    August 22, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    I loved I “thus I deem it redundant”. I imagined him as the Disney King John; looking bored and casting down edicts from his throne.

  3. It’s the self-loathing and lack of confidence that keeps me coming back here, if that’s any consolation.

  4. Criticism of “wicked counselors” as a device to avoid directly oposing supposedly devinely ordained monarchs will be familiar to students of history. You can almost take your pick of early modern monarchs. I quite like the idea of KP as Louis XIV myself. Criticism of our own King Cricket (By The Grace Of God) should also be directed at members of the court as proxies.

    (Note I’ve taken the unusual step of putting a link to my occassional blog here, in feeble defence of my claim as a student of history, but as it is neither humourous, nor about cricket, you should probably give it a miss. It is better than Livescore, however)

  5. Great one oh great one.

  6. I make those commenters redundant. I discard them. Keep up ruling the kingdom well, KC.

  7. Really enjoyed the column this week. I just assumed the people that didn’t are all idiots.

  8. Brilliant piece, KC.

    If my comments pass Cricinfo moderation (not entirely polite to the naysayers) you’ll have one more in the plus box.

    Crisis of confidence utterly uncalled for.

  9. I suspect KingOwl may be member of your court moonlighting as a Troll. Schadenfreude (albeit misspelt)and first person plural pronouns. A clear case of lese-majesty. Which of you is it? Confess!

  10. Now I’ve done a bit of facebook stalking of those naysayers KC.

    Julie has a photo of her dog as her profile picture. Now if that wasn’t evidence enough to suggest she’s a middle-aged woman with issues, all of the posts on her wall that try to stick up for poor little Kevin do. You’ve insulted her fantasy.

    Christoper has one of his rubbish paintings as his profile picture. He also has 782 facebook friends. Anyone who has that number of facebook ‘friends’ is clearly shallow and not worth listening to.

    Jay has a photo of his daughter for his profile picture. What is it they’re all afraid of? Why don’t they show their faces?

    Naved has posted a cartoon on his timeline which seems to suggest that domestic violence is humorous.

    In conclusion your highness, sod ’em.

  11. The article itself is up to your normal high standards and a great analogy for the mind of KP.
    By not mentioning Sachin you will probably have LESS outraged comments than usual, so if you measure a good cricinfo article by the number of outraged indian fans that rise to the bait then you could say it’s not as good as the others, but by any other measure it’s every bit as good.
    There are also less references to Zaltman in the comments section today too (eg Not as funny as Andy Zaltman. Need to have more good articles like those by Andy Zaltman), perhaps there is a correlation between indian fans love of Sachin and Zaltman?

    • King Cricket

      August 23, 2012 at 9:30 am

      The question is, which should we strive for?

      (a) Being not as funny as Andy Zaltzman
      (b) Being not as funny as The Two Chucks

      We know and like all of the above people, incidentally.

    • Immediately above, or all the way to the top of the page?

    • King Cricket

      August 23, 2012 at 11:10 am

      We meant immediately above. We don’t know most of the commenters, except by (fake) name.

  12. When it falls to Adrian to make a decision, he comes up with two radically different approaches to the problem, and then puts Sachin in to bat an innings in England, making a decision based on whether or not he makes a good score.

  13. I believe the traditional remedy to crises of confidence is to say “sod them” and write whatever you enjoy. This however may not always be the most efficacious course of action in contemporary society. Or am I missing the boat entirely?

    In any case, one of the things I have always loved about your blog is that I have no idea which audience you are “targeting”.

    • King Cricket

      August 25, 2012 at 4:22 pm

      No, that is actually good advice. People can tell when you’re not into what you’re doing.

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