Did you see… Mohammed Shami refusing to cede a wicket to Jasprit Bumrah?

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Today Mohammed Shami’s insatiable thirst for World Cup wickets spilled over into his fielding when he utterly failed to secure an easy wicket from a delivery bowled by someone else.

What happened was: Jasprit Bumrah bowled, Kane Williamson hit it straight to Shami, and Shami for some reason went all Michael Flatley and needlessly Riverdanced it to the turf.

Speaking of Flatley, occasional King Cricket contributor Prince Prefab once claimed that his autobiography was among the funniest books he’d ever read.

He described it as a long series of self-absorbed anecdotes, all of which essentially boiled down to: “I was the best and everyone said so.”

Mohammed Shami’s semi-final behaviour seemed cut from similar, needy, acclaim-seeking cloth. Already the bowler of the tournament, his refusal to allow team-mates to take wickets struck us as nothing if not a very obvious attempt to greedily secure a 10-for.

Tough luck, Shami. Only the whole New Zealand top order plus Tim Southee and Lockie Ferguson for you.

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  1. I vaguely remembered reading a magnificent review of/series of excerpts from Flatley’s autobiography. I have now spent too long trying to find it. Turns out it was in a long-deleted Twitter thread. If anyone’s interested, and on the assumption I can’t post a link, to find it I googled “reddit flatley life story”, clicked on the top link, and twelfth comment down has a link to a web archive of the thread. Definitely worth it.

    Basically, Prince Prefab is right.

      1. I had to mess around finding a version that would load the images properly, and clicking on replies at the bottom shows the whole thread, but I’m glad I did.


        I heard someone say something similar about “My Magic Life” by Paul Daniels, but they didn’t back it up with a twitter thread so who knows. I can’t believe it would top this. And if it did, and had the same “energy” as Flatley’s masterwork, then in a funny way I’m not sure I’d want to read it.

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