England batsmen make no runs – just like in 2006

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Don't be fooled - he merely had a sweaty foreheadToday’s warm-up between England and a random selection of people who live in Mumbai was quite a moment for us here at King Cricket, because England’s last tour of India coincided with the site’s sloppy, gelatinous birth.

History repeated itself in more ways than one. During England’s 2006 tour, Matthew Hoggard top-scored in one innings of a warm-up match. In 2008, England have improved immeasurably. England’s number 11, James Anderson, was only the second highest scorer. Graeme Swann top scored, batting at nine.

Here’s to another fun-packed series. Maybe England can again avoid a 7-0 drubbing. They did it in style last time.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Hope this is not an illegal use of the King’s outstanding organ but as a diversion during the upcoming one dayers which I am not ENTIRELY convinced that England will win – could I have some assistance from the mighty cricketty brains of the King’s subjects.

    There is on facebook a very excellent group called Hollywoodgate – Onde futebol e pelicula cruzam (where football and film meet) with some wondrous rearrangement of film titles to incorporate footy players or managers – if you have access to facebook it is well worth a visit. I’ve started fiddling about with the equivalent cricket/film stuff – have got this so far: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=67151&l=bd120&id=740623711 but would very much appreciate input for more cricket/film shopping. (You don’t need to include G Swann, as I have done in just about all shops – that’s just my cyber stalking)

  2. kp dimissing this as nothing ?

    i hardly think so. they played some awful shots and seemed very underdone.

    but no one cares about warm up games and eng really need to pull something outta the hat to avoid a odi whitewash.

    ps- can someone tell me why they areplaying 7 odis n 2 tests.

    im really sick of these 2 test series. either its 3 or 5. 3 odis n 3 test would be ideal

    ps- king cricket. can youupdate the fly slip link with

    ive gone all legit . thanks mate.

  3. If we’re catching up on any other business here, can I just say that I came gloriously last in Jrod’s CWB fantasy league and probably last in the overall league too (15,893rd).
    It didn’t help that I wasn’t paying attention and had random blokes in the team who weren’t even playing.
    Must do better this time.

  4. I read that Pietersen said that it didn’t really matter!

    For heavens sake, of course it matters. Even shithead Hayden would struggle to rationalise getting tonked by the Mumbai Makeshifts.

    I hope to hell that it wasn’t just sweat on his forehead and he really does give a toss.

  5. I don’t know Ed, Hayden would probably say it’s exactly where Australia want to be and he’s some sort of weapon.

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