Australia vastly inferior to India who are better than everyone

After winning successive Test series against West Indies, South Africa, South Africa again, Bangladesh, England, Sri Lanka, India and West Indies, Australia finally lost away to India and are now ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING at cricket.

India’s recent run of losing a series against Australia, drawing one against South Africa, losing one against Sri Lanka before winning this one, hints that they are now perhaps the new supreme power in world cricket.

Australia were soundly beaten and seemingly accepted that before the series had even started, but their first choice team isn’t a great deal different to the one that beat India at the start of the year. India have won a great series, but have hardly been rollicking along other than that.

The papers like see a clean handover of power though, so that’s what they’ll depict. The irony is that it IS a clearcut handover of power. India are now the Alternative Test Cricket World Champions.

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26 Appeals

  1. Typo in the last paragraph. You loser. What sort of person allows what they write to be so riddled with typological mistakes.

  2. If England’s 98 all out against Mumbai is anything to go by, India’s defence of their title should be fairly safe.

  3. Ne, how many times did you have to read that comment back to ensure a clean bill of typological health?

  4. Sort out the typo. If I want typos I read CWB. I come here for accuracy and decency. Shame on you.

    Next thing I know you’ll be using acrofinitives all over the place.

  5. Ne – I think you mean ‘typographical’, not ‘typological’…

  6. The other Ed: Are you saying I’m alliterate?

  7. Ne, there’s something I’ve been wondering about you for quite a while now. Are you pronounced “en-ee” or just “nee”?

  8. Or, indeed, “nay”?

  9. Or, perhaps, “Neh”?

  10. I know it’s pronounced as in “Ne nor ne nor ne nor ne nor”

  11. King Cricket

    November 11, 2008 at 10:14 pm

    His real name is En.

  12. Thank you for ENlightening me as to how superior India are, I can now give up on supporting Australia and jump on their bandwagon instead.

  13. Moses one must always support the team playing against a Ricky Ponting led team.

    So is En pronounced “N” or “EhN”

  14. En or whatever this guys name is, says, ” alliterate?”

    Typo! You loser. What sort of person allows what they write to be so riddled with typological mistakes.

    Don’t be too quick to point out others mistakes especially when you make them all the time yourself. Fix yourself up first.

  15. Ne: no, never. Not alliterate.

    Though maybe, in some circumstances, alliterative.

  16. Malcom: (*sigh*) do keep up with my rubbish attempts at ironic humor.

    It’s pronounced “Smith”

  17. But how is Smith pronounced?

  18. smuth if you’re a kiwi

  19. Smit if you’re French, because they don’t really have the “th” sound.

  20. it’s not pronounced at all if you’re Anna-Nicole

  21. Spotted your acrofinitive reference there, DC. Excellent placement. Thank you for seeing it through.

  22. As promised Ged…

    So does that mean, if Ne is French, he’s called Smit?

  23. Or is Smith your maiden name?

    (anyone see what i’ve done there!?!)

  24. well played Mr Charlton Sir, well played.

  25. Well played, indeed 🙂

  26. Curious about Ne… is he knight ?
    In need of a shrubbery, perchance?

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