Harmison in the wickets

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Pretty good, but he can do better still. We won’t really be satisfied until he runs through a side.

That’s what Steve Harmison’s supposed to do – the Dreamland Steve Harmison who we regularly summon up when things aren’t going England’s way. The not-at-all-real Steve Harmison who embodies English cricketing optimism.

Dreamland Steve Harmison can turn round ANY situation. Dreamland Steve Harmison wouldn’t be satisfied with a mere three wickets in an entire day. Sri Lanka would be following-on without England actually batting if Dreamland Steve Harmison had anything to say about it.

Sri Lanka v England, third Test, first day at Galle
Sri Lanka 147-4 (Mahela Jayawardene 51 not out, Steve Harmison 3-28)


  1. Tomorrow, I would like to see the whole of the Sri Lankan team dancing to ‘orrible ‘armison’s chin music..

    If we get dreamland Steve Harmison, I’m assuming that they will be dancing to the tune of Welcome To Jungle, or maybe Sympathy For The Devil…

  2. “harmison.jpg”

    Yet again, your erudite and subtle wit amazes me. It’s like Oscar Wilde having a blog. And liking cricket. And probably having a frontal lobotomy.

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