There’s a Test match in Galle

Super-Sopper not sufficient.Take that Mother Nature, you hooker.

Okay, so you may have given that teddy bear special powers and turned him into SuperTed, but do you really think that balances out the tsunami? No, it doesn’t.

This is our way of lauding the Sri Lankans for getting on with things and rebuilding following the catastrophe. 31,000 people can’t be brought back, but the attitude of most in the immediate aftermath and for years afterwards showed much of what is best about a species which mostly gets a bad press.

The cricket ground’s far from the most important aspect of the recovery in the region, but it’s kind of totemic. People have cooperated. People have given a shit about other people. They’ve done it so successfully that they can even get the bleeding cricket ground back in action.

On a cricket note, the underprepared pitch might just create a match that pisses all over the previous borefest, hopefully giving Test cricket new life for aeons to come.

Maybe we’re getting carried away.

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  1. Blimey O’Reilly (whomever he is!), Harmison is looking ‘orrible again..

    Great bowling from the big man, it’s just a shame we don’t have someone like Flintoff or Jones to bowl in tandem with him..

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