Shaun Tait astride a big cannon

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Is that a cannon between your legs? Yes, but I'm sort of standing on it really.We’ve been putting altogether too many words on this site of late, so for no real reason, here’s a picture of Shaun Tait astride a big cannon.

It’s not THAT big a cannon though. Ho, no, no – not as big as this cannon.

We like big cannons.

We don’t like Shaun Tait though. He’s smug-looking. He’s a very fast bowler, though – we like that. We’re preparing ourself to have ‘mixed feelings’ for about the next ten years thanks to old Taito. The spork affects us similarly. We admire the ingenuity, but detest the vast majority of spoon food.

Cereal, soup, pudding – not good foods.


  1. It’s a very nice picture of the rock-hard mean machine capable of firing balls at 100pmh at terrified opposition. It’s a shame that it has Shaun Tate straddling it, though.

  2. We have to look after Miriam, or Miriam has to look after the Internet?

    is the internet female? Well I never…

  3. I was referring to the Internet. I’m sure Miriam can look after herself..
    I’m not sure if T’Internet is female or not, but inanimate objects always seem to be called, she or her. Not sure why that is, but who am I to start a revolution?

  4. I win the whole internet? Wowzer! To be honest, though, I’m happy with just Kingcricket and Lolcats.

  5. On further reflection, I think there’s room in the market for a website that COMBINES Kingcricket and lolcats, i.e. captions cricket photos a la lolcats. Come on internet!

  6. This is an outrage. Rob takes great care over both his written and spoken language.

    This is a stain on everything he stands for.

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