Is this the greatest post of all time?

No. This is not the greatest post of all time. This is quite possibly a competitor for the title ‘worst post of all time’.

Two hours, people. We’re on the edge of our seat and we’ve seen the thing maybe a thousand times already.

You will literally NEVER get bored of what you’re about to experience.

Hey you!

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16 Appeals

  1. TLDR

  2. GHVE

    Only 4020 seconds to go.

  3. I am trying to work out how best to spend these next two hours in preparation for this monumentous event.

    I think a Pie, Pint and Fag would be appropriate!

  4. I have been huddled here at the front of the queue in my sleeping bag for a WEEK now O king with only cold Pot Noodles and Fanta to keep me going. It better be bloody good.

  5. That was you Ceci!
    Sorry that I drunkenly urinated on you, I thought you were a brummy tramp.



  7. Where is it. It’s late

  8. Minus one minute! Argh!

    Does WordPress know about British Summer Time?

  9. the librarian

    June 5, 2009 at 11:57 am

    Late……. tsk.

  10. Aaargh your server is slow. Do you run on Devon time or something?

  11. KC has caused time to stand still or maybe it was the Keymeister.

  12. Stupid Sire hasn’t realised it works on GMT

  13. I make it 12:02

  14. The comment timestamps are right. One minute still to go then.

  15. The comment timestamps are wrong. I’be just consulted a nuclear clock.

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