The big news about Andrew Symonds being sent home from the Australia squad

The big news is that during the press conference, Ricky Ponting went a little bit boss-eyed.


Ricky's wandering eye

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8 Appeals

  1. looks a peeved doesn’t he.

  2. he looks very drunk himself..

    he drinks so much he almost looks chinese..

  3. You’re imagining things. Ponting always looks like that.

  4. It’s a common infliction down in those parts due to the rampant inbreeding.

  5. I don’t know about you lot, but I am feasting on the sweet irony of Ponting having to send Symonds home with a smacked botty for being on the booze, whilst sat with a cap sponsored by Victoria Bitter plonked on his noodle.

    I can just imagine David Boon force feeding Symmo can after can. “Here, drink the lager Roy. It’ll make you a HERO, mate.”

    Poor Roy. So easily guided.

  6. Indeed Tim. Us feeble minded cricketing types can’t resist the allure of heavily promoted drinks products. Even now I’m hankering for a VB, and I know that it’s filthy, rotten muck.

  7. Is it true that Ricky Ponting was Geroge W Bush’s doppleganger on his only vist to Oz?

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