The greatest post of all time

Oh dear Lord!

You should all thank SimonC for this in the comments.

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38 Appeals

  1. My life is complete.

  2. Hahaha. Knew it would be something like this.

  3. That was truly wonderful. Thank you Simon C, and thank you, O King, for bringing this into my life.

  4. That’s fucking brilliant. You lucky bugger, I had all sorts of regicide planned for you, if it was shit.

  5. I sent it to Peter Moores in an attempt to get Rob selected.

    He never replied.

  6. I was prepared for anti-climax. But no- the king delivers. All hail the king!

  7. Suave, do you just hang around this site so you get to use your second favourite word as often as possible?

  8. Kendal King Pin

    June 5, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    You’ve been “dugg” – my first.

    Sublime, KC; sublime.

  9. SimonC – you are a genius – and O king – you are his Archduke Rudolf. Utterly fab. The regal wave! The trotting hooves! The noble and discreet kicks to the flanks!

  10. I, like many, feared you had given it too much of a build up.

    If anything, you were too restrained.

    Just a pity he won’t play today.

  11. cash back

  12. I didn’t realise that the internet had enough computing power for something so complex.

  13. Words fail me.

  14. It is now my background.
    It will be a bitter disappointment If he doesn’t at least bring on the drinks this evening in this majestic manner.
    Marvellous work SimonC, marvellous.

  15. Fat blokes like Samit Patel can look up to the Key God. Here is living chubby proof that the fat shall indeed get on the world stage if only as drinks boy and general KP fag!

  16. Mesmeric

    Simon C and KC I owe you everything

  17. Wow. Just wow.

  18. omg, that looks like a capibara. Whats that funny rat like creature it appears to be riding though?

  19. SarahCanterbury

    June 5, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    Utterly marvellous – thank you Simon C and KC! I just hope he rides back in to the St Lawrence Ground thus.

    And crikey at Suave’s news…… *gulp*

  20. SarahCanterbury

    June 5, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    He’s definitely playing!!!!

    *has complete faith he will do well………….*

  21. Can’t believe you managed to hold on to this piece of genius for so long!

  22. Looks as though he’ll be playing at no. 3…

    Play starts in twenty minutes!!! (If it doesn’t rain)

    That is the most awesome post ever by the way.

  23. Thus spake the King and the Key doth play.

    All hail.

  24. The BBC just made my day:

    “1735: The tournament is going to be officially opened by… the Duke of Kent. (That’s the real Duke of Kent, not Rob Key, you understand).”

  25. He made the team!

    Wow. That really proves the power of blogging.

  26. Superb KC, and on the day he starts for England. A truly majestic day.

  27. SarahCanterbury

    June 5, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    Bypassed at 3 by Shah – boo hiss!

  28. 10 off 8, sterling performance!

  29. SarahCanterbury

    June 5, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    3rd best strike rate after Bopara and Wright too!


  30. Why did Key bat so far down the order? Why did England bowl so badly?

    Why can’t I I tear my eyes away from the majesty of his Robness’ regal wave?

  31. Who sticks a specialist batsman at #6?

    Paul Collingwood, that’s who.

  32. The Guardian’s OBO got it spot on when they called Darron Reekers Rob Key’s dad, though.

  33. Surely shome mistake?

    Our Rob Key a Tory? Mind you, he does have the Cameronian glare about him here. Thatcher must be quivering.

  34. This is beautiful – I can’t look away!

    We were at today’s game and every time a batsman came in who wasn’t Rob Key , we got upset.

  35. That truly is a magnificent capybara. Shame it wasn’t fielding for England tonight, even without opposable thumbs.

    Feel bad for Bob, he’s going to get scapegoated for not being KP. Noone is.

  36. The greatest day of my life. The Rob in all his splendor !

  37. Eldershot, imagine my face when I found my local MP had a cricket-playing namesake. For quite a while I couldn’t see the name “Rob Key” on a teamsheet without seeing a portly old man smashing sixes about the field…

    Well, I was half-right.

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