James Anderson cruelly overshadowed

James AndersonWe have several other points to make about the Old Trafford one-dayer. We didn’t want to overburden you yesterday – our slightly addled hero worship seemed sufficient match analysis for one day.

James Anderson bowled really well. Probably better than Stuart Broad. Anderson v Tendulkar is turning into an excellent mini-battle where top drawer bowling is countered by top drawer batting and each player seems to spur his opponent to ever greater heights.

At the death, Anderson was carved for an almighty four by Zaheer Khan. We noticed Anderson smiling about this, which seemed weird. Next ball he slipped in the slower ball and Zaheer Khan skied it. James Anderson appears supremely confident at the moment and it’s justified.

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3 Appeals

  1. Jimmy is indeed on fire at the moment – he’s always either on fire or awful, isn’t he?

    I suppose you could say the same about England’s One-Day side as a whole, so we’d better make the most of their current form…

  2. King Cricket

    September 1, 2007 at 3:41 pm

    We’re sure this heralds an era of permafire.

    Have faith.

  3. if not permafire, permacompetance would be a nice change

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