James Anderson’s back

James Anderson is having a wicketting to the power of fiveAs in ‘returned’. He hasn’t got ankylosing spondylitis or anything. To think it’s been almost a year since we last made that joke. How time flies.

James Anderson has a bit of a reputation for – and you have to use these exact words – ‘spraying it around’. While this is fair on the face of it, we don’t think it tells the full story.

We’ve watched James Anderson play for Lancashire a heap of times. Not once has he done any spraying. Not even to mark his territory, like a cat. Generally speaking, Anderson’s Lancashire spells are characterised by a lot of playing and missing from the batsman, the occasional wicket and not a great deal else.

Remember when he bowled that ten over spell that only went for 12 runs against Australia. In 40 degree heat. In a one-day match. James Anderson can keep it tight.

Maybe it’s the white ball. Maybe it’s playing for England. Maybe it’s playing for England knowing you’re due to get dropped quite soon. Whatever it is, Anderson’s a more accurate bowler than you might think.

Yesterday he seemed to bowl a few too many deliveries that the batsmen could comfortably leave. But if you looked at the old pitch map that shows where the ball’s been landing, you saw that all the deliveries lined up between his arm and off stump. They were just different lengths and for some reason James Anderson deliveries swing a lot more once they’ve pitched, so the shorter ones end up quite wide.

We made a noise when he cleaned up Matthew Bell. We haven’t often made noises at wickets this winter. Bell might have played a crap shot, but some of his colleagues played straighter to similar balls and still got out.

More of this kind of thing, Jimmy. More of this kind of thing!

New Zealand v England, second Test at Wellington – day two
England 342 (Tim Ambrose 102, Paul Collingwood 65, Mark Gillespie 4-79, Jacob Oram 3-46)
New Zealand 198 (Ross Taylor 53, Daniel Vettori 50 not out, James Anderson 5-73, Paul Collingwood 3-23)
England 4-0

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11 Appeals

  1. Although it’s exciting that another quick Does The Business from England’s collection of abused seamers, I’m a little worried about what this will do to Hoggard.

    Is this it for the Hogster?

    Is this the end of a great era in Hoggy history?

  2. Jimmy is unplayable at times, and everything he pitched on the off-stump on a good length, either took a wicket or beat the bat,.

    Hoggy will be back. He just needs to get fit.

  3. Nice one James Anderson, and thank you Auckland. He was England’s Man of the Series in the tests last year so hasn’t been away for long.

    I like that he’s signalling his interest in Strictly Come Dancing in this photo.

  4. Are sure that isn’t a cocky Tim Ambrose grabbing the nearest available partner, Miriam?

  5. I’m not sure at all, Atheist, but given that Tim Ambrose is the “woman” and Anderson the “man” in this dancing partnership, I would have thought [hoped] the man would be the one leading the dance.

    Either way, Anderson looks VERY happy about it. And good dancing neck position on Ambrose.

  6. Arthur Dolphin was a wicketkeeper for England as well, 1933. Once caught Jack Hobbs. Don’t think he celebrated with a waltz, though. A pet dolphin named after an opening batsman would be fun.

  7. King Cricket

    March 14, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    A pet wholphin named after an opening batsman would be better.

    It always seems to come back to the wholphins on this site.

  8. Hoggard who?

  9. i have lost count how many times james is ‘back’…

    his problem has always been consistency…lets see this time if he is really back…

  10. I feel very let down he is playing well, i liked him alot more when he couldnt play but thought he could.

  11. JRod, the problem with Jimmy is he doesn’t ever think he’s good enough, which is why he’s so unconsistent.

    And he’s just fecked himself playing football.
    So Hoggy may be back for the next test.

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