Jason Holder is not Bill Lumbergh

Jason Holder (via Windies Cricket YouTube)

When we named Jason Holder Lord Megachief of Gold 2018 earlier this year, we said that the three Tests against England would give us more of a sense of the true scale and scope of Jasonholderness.

In the first Test at Bridgetown, he hit an unbeaten 202 from number eight and the West Indies won. In Antigua, he took five wickets and the West Indies won.

In the third Test, he was banned and the West Indies played less well and got beaten.

All in all, 10/10 for Jason Holder.

In the first two Tests, Holder’s team looked hard to beat. The man himself says the Windies used to succumb to pressure; that the opposition used to feel that if they bogged down the batsmen, they could get under their skin and get wickets.

This did not happen.

One of the all time great terrible bosses is Bill Lumbergh from Office Space.

This is Bill Lumbergh.

Bill Lumbergh is a pure distillation of the kind of terrible empty leadership you get in terrible empty corporations.

Bill Lumbergh credits you with zero intelligence, gives you no freedom and his strongest motivational gambit is to literally just tell you what he needs you to do. You can feel your soul corrode each time he materialises and says: “Hello, what’s happening?”

Jason Holder strikes us as the anti-Lumbergh. Jason Holder is such a good leader that we’d definitely remember to put one of the new cover sheets on our TPS reports.

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  1. Your prediction for how many matches Bairstow would last at #3 , this one: “We reckon three – the three against the West Indies “, seems to be mightily wise, oh great King.

  2. Nice post. Gentlemen
    Jason Holder proved as an important player for windies team in test series and also gonna happen in the ODI series against england

  3. Bill Lumbergh is not Bill Lumbergh either – turns out it was actually an actor

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