How much more responsibility could Jason Holder possibly take on?

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The answer is ‘none’.

None more responsibility.

Jason Holder is a parsimonious line bowler of immaculate line and length. He is also a two-metre strike bowler, who seams the ball plenty.

He’s a decent bat too, not to mention an absolutely peerless anti-Lumbergh of a captain.

Now it turns out he’s a tidy umpire too.

Twice today Holder successfully overturned not outs off his own bowling. He snaffled one for Shannon Gabriel yesterday too.

Someone really should give him some kind of award.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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    1. Bottle-less get.

      p.s. can’t believe I missed the Lumbergh ref on that first Holder post from a while back. Must have been on holiday/and or didn’t get the memo (about the TPS reports ofc)

    1. Mark Wood is always harped on about as player who ‘takes the pitch out of the equation’. That is often a bad thing.

    2. Useful part of the equation, the pitch.

      Trying to think of some gun barrel straight fast-medium bowlers who took overhead conditions out of the equation.

  1. Bit annoyed by the BBC highlights last night. They kept cutting away from the action to show fancy graphics, and having Brian Lara pop up in the corner of the screen on a Skype call. At the end of every session there was a big chat between the analysts.

    Just show the flipping cricket.

    1. The graphics introducing each player were a bit protracted but we don’t mind the session analysis. It gives more of a feel of how the day panned out.

    2. Hey woah, tone it down a bit guys. “…Bit annoyed…”, “…a bit protracted…”, “…don’t mind…” – this isn’t the place for fisticuffs. These people are just trying to do their best, and they don’t need you two macho men coming to testosterone-fuelled blows over it.

  2. Quiz question posed by Nasser Hussain today: Before Stokes and Holder, when was the last time an England captain and his opposite number got each other out in the same Test?

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