Kevin Pietersen and Peter Moores resign

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Maybe we don’t need Pakistan cricket after all. We’ve got England for back-stabbing and intrigue now.

Officially, Kevin Pietersen and Peter Moores both resigned. Unofficially, well, does it matter what really happened, does it?

Those halcyon days of long-term planning under Duncan Fletcher seem longer ago and more valuable by the day. Not long ago, we looked at Australia’s selection policy and felt like maybe England were more organised. Now they have neither coach nor captain. Textbook. Well played England.

To a degree and for different reasons, both men deserve this. It’s said that Peter Moores didn’t acknowledge or allow for individuality in his players. Kevin Pietersen bought into his own column inches and threw his weight about.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I think Andrew Miller nailed it on Cricinfo. Moores going is the right outcome for the wrong reasons, and Pietersen going is the wrong outcome for the right reasons.

    The stupidity is almost poetic in its symmetry.

  2. if key was in the side he’d be an option.

    but he ain’t.

    come back vaughany. we didn’t know what we had until it was gone.

  3. Bringing the well liked Key (in Kent at least as far as I read) in might make things better as he’ll have no involvement in all the shite that’s gone before.
    Bring in the Key-ster.
    (of course the might spread resentment by being an outsider to the current England setup, but how could you resent Rob Key???)

  4. If only there were some popular cricket blog that could champion Rob Key’s cause. But where will we find such a blog?

    ::wails, gnashes teeth::

  5. Somtimes KC you miss the point by miles. I don’t even know why I bother reading this site everyday and refreshing the screen every two minutes. We all know what the real story is here, and you and your greasy palmed contacts know better than most what is really going on. But, as usual, you keep it to yourself and your inner circle of hangers on and glory hunters.
    You make me sick you bastard.

  6. i remember when england captains resigning was a rare occurence. every time it happened i felt like i’d reached a benchmark in my young life. now three have gone in five months.

    when atherton resigned the deputy head of my school asked me who i thought would take over and i said stewart and when stewart took over he said “you were right young man”.

    that stuck with me more than any of my academic achievements.

  7. It’s Jrod’s birthday today. For his present, he got an Australian test match victory, and the implosion of the England team.

  8. Strauss is the only English guy I can remember in the last 15/20 years who was able to maintain/raise his own game when he had the captaincy.

    It was ridiculous he didn’t get it ahead of Fred last time. He is the best option by far in these circumstances.

  9. They all did it for Jrod. The bastads. Bloody Jrod – he always gets his way. Next thing we know is Bryce McGain will take 10-wickets on Ashes debut.

    Dear old KC never gets anything – Key never looks like being England captain; Hayden never looks like retiring or dying; animals are always uninterested in cricket.

  10. We don’t want Hayden to do either.

    His insipid purgatory of feeble performances is a birthday present that’s lasting and lasting.

  11. It’s time for Andrew Strauss to lead England into a new era of pipe-smoking and deerstalkers!

  12. Sod it, whilst it’s so fashionable, I here by resign my non-existent post with in the England set up.


    Unconfirmed reports are coming through that Andrew Flintoff ate a pie which wasn’t fully cooked through.

    More soon.

  14. I do not understand the ECB. They made KP captain. The job does not come with a mandatory personality make-over. In fact, one’s particular personality would seem to be at least a part of the reason one is chosen as captain in the first place.

  15. this is the most serious KC comments thread ever,

    lighten up people. it’s not like it’s an ashes year.

  16. Why have the Guardian got a feature “In Pictures: Kevin Pietersen’s England career”? Am I confused? Has KP actually resigned from England and not just the captaincy?

  17. Mushtaq Ahmed appointed as spin bowling coach Tuesday 12pm.

    Kevin Pietersen and Peter Moores sacked Wednesday 12pm.

    Coincidence? I think not. It’s gonna be Mushtaq Ahmeds Barmy Army by the time we hit Cardiff.

  18. I think KP has done well from this, and I for one would not be surprised to see him as Captain again by the time Australia hit our shores this summer.

  19. Who’s the whistleblower, if it wasn’t KP?

    My money’s on Belly, he looks the sort of whiny little prick, that would grass on his mates!

  20. I’m still hoping that Strauss is a temporary appointment while the real Ashes captain leads England Lions to glory.

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