Why have Peter Moores and Kevin Pietersen fallen out?

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The seeds of the fall-out were sown during a conversation between Peter Moores and Andrew Strauss. The pair were discussing manufactured pop bands and Moores branded Liberty X ‘derivative’ and ‘lacking in true vocal talent’. As Kevin Pietersen is married to ex-Liberty X chanteuse, Jessica Taylor, Strauss felt moved to tell him about the comment.

Pietersen took it badly, saying: “He’s so two-faced. If I’ve got a problem with someone, I tell them to their face. I don’t go around behind people’s backs like he’s done.”

The discord simmered with Pietersen making continual wisecracks about Moores being from Macclesfield, even though he no longer lives there. Many of the comments were childish, revolving around inbreeding and an unseemly love of the produce of Gregg’s the bakers.

Following a stressful tour of India, matters came to a head in the form of a huge stand-up row between the pair.

Pietersen said that Moores was boring everyone with his continual complaints about the fortnightly wheelie bin collections in Macclesfield. Moores countered by saying that a non-Maxonian couldn’t know what it was like; that previously the bins had been emptied weekly, but now families couldn’t fit all their rubbish in the bins and it was lying around rotting, attracting vermin.

Pietersen called the people of Macclesfield ‘idiots’, citing the increased capacity of the wheelie bin compared to the old style bin that it had replaced. Moores said Pietersen was an idiot, before rather unnecessarily adding that Liberty X’s ‘A Night To Remember’ was inferior to the Shalamar original.

The relationship has been strained ever since.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I’m with Moores on this one – not only were the vocals on “A Night to Remember” not a patch on the original, but the attempts at body-popping and moonwalking were abysmal.

  2. There should be a Strictly Come Dancing Dance Off to decide who remains with the English team.

    My money is on Pietersen.

  3. King – I don’t believe this. Wing Commander Strauss would never snitch on anyone. I bet it was Bell

  4. One little error in your post there your Highness, why would the vermin be attracted by the rotting leftovers from Gregg’s the Bakers?

    Bet they wouldn’t eat it straight out of the packet…

  5. Shalamar were special. Pietersen needs to get a life on this point.

    A cricket captain with no sense of history will probably come unstuck rapidly.

  6. I can understand Moores’ distaste for Liberty X – presumably he prefers a rousing rendition of Beer & Sex & Chips n Gravy.

  7. Three people will really enjoy that joke, Dave. Everyone else – less so. But those three…

  8. Well this is bloody typical – arguing over a 2nd rate Shalamar song when every one knows ‘Take that to the Bank’ was far superior.

    No wonder the England team is in such disarray!

  9. That’s three more people than usually enjoy my jokes KC, so I’m prepared to take the positives.

  10. Oh, King of all, NWG finally understands. Surely you should be informing those in the media of this, they think the feud is over something silly, like cricket.

  11. Take That To The Bank was for sure a better song. The problems, 668, are twofold:

    1) As far as I know it hasn’t been covered by Liberty X – or indeed anyone of note/absence of note;

    2) News magazine programmes have been using it for the last 18 months when talking about the credit crunch, thus reducing that classic to the role of novelty record. It’s yet another crime and yet again we are powerless…….

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