Doug Bollinger lacks for effort

Doug Bollinger’s making his debut for Australia. How much effort is he going to put in?

“If I happen to play I’ll put 150,000 percent in.”

That’s the bare minimum these days. Remember when Damien Martyn retired because he could only muster a puny 100% dedication. That was a long time ago. Cricket’s moved on from then.

Matthew Hayden once claimed that Ricky Ponting had always been a thousand percent behind him during his career. In a comment on this site, David Barry pondered what it meant for Ponting to be a thousand percent behind Hayden while Hayden was a billion percent behind Ponting, as the latter had claimed in a separate quote.

In terms of effort, we generally just coast by on about 20-30%. In the mornings we can drop into single figures.

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11 Appeals

  1. What an amazingly arbitrary number to arrive at – 150,000%. Seems like these Aussies are more concerned with making up random impossible percentages than playing well, which I’m thankful for.

    I think Smith gave the perfect response: “Any guy who is going to try 150,000% in this game is someone we’re going to have to respect.”

  2. there is no try

  3. I hope he picks up 0-200 and gets dropped. Nothing personal, but impossible percentages really get on my nerves.

  4. King Cricket

    January 3, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    If it makes it any better, it’s quite possible that Doug suffers from extreme mental retardation.

  5. I hope Smith was pissing himself when he was saying that…

  6. as much as 30%… i am impressed… i assume this is when you are trying to get served at a bar? i can’t think of any other reason to get into the thirties!

  7. Aussies seem to be really bad at their math!!!
    No wonder they are losing so often now!!!!

  8. Effort percentages are approaching Zimbabwean Dollars inflation levels now. Have I mentioned before my stash of 1.27 Trillion of those things? Made with a minimum of effort – about 0.000000000000034%.

  9. Bollinger and MacDonald, jeez. I haven’t seen international sportsmen who look more like utter doofuses than these two. Bollinger looks like a surly, swollen-faced Tim Robbins in the role of Forrest Gump. MacDonald OTOH, I like, he seems have this ridiculous grin permanently affixed to his face.

  10. These try-hard Aussies do my nut. They are clearly hugely ineffective if they were putting in that much effort for so small a gain. In any other industry, they’d have been fired long ago.

  11. Talking of McDonald.. Have you seen the mans eyebrows, they’re about three inches long, the freak!

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